Championing Entrepreneurship In A Transformational Year.

The year in review celebrates the power of our growing network and the core milestones we reached together with you, our clients.
2021 started with a great sense of hope and optimism and with a huge potential for recovery.
While returning back to a new normal, we worked hard to connect our members with capital, solutions and new business opportunities despite the challenges.

We also learned all together that staying agile, resilient and being part of a global, innovation-driven network has never been more important. As a deal and growth destination for both companies and market participants, ELITE will further build on its track record in championing the best of Europe's businesses, leveraging on the Euronext federal model.
Marta Testi, CEO – ELITE

2021 has been marked by great changes and resilience.

ELITE has been acquired by Euronext together with Borsa Italiana Group and it’s now the Group’s largest SME network bridging the gap between private and public markets

Growing to over 1700 members; surpassed 1000 italian companies

Connecting our companies with capital: €82mio raised by 36 companies

Empowering a cross-boarder partnership by launching the first French-Italian Accelerator together with Bpifrance - Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and Team France Export

Supporting an equitable and inclusive energy transition by launching the first “Basket Bond – Sustainable Energy” programme. An innovative financial tool conceived by Eni, ELITE, with illimity acting as Arranger.

ELITE joins Euronext Group.

The ELITE network will be expanded to deepen its relationships with SMEs. It will leverage on the unique positioning at the heart of the European ecosystem to direct capital, provide business solutions and foster economic growth to empower change-makers and high-impact entrepreneurs.

2021 in numbers

1,700 ELITE companies now in our global network

companies welcomed to ELITE in 2021

Our numbers show that the longer companies have been part of the ELITE community, the higher their growth rates.

Companies' revenues growth since joining ELITE

We have monitored our companies’ financial performance since they joined the ELITE ecosystem.
All these results are given as an outcome of internal analysis pertaining companies that have been part of ELITE for at least 5 years.

ELITE is teaming up with Bpifrance, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and Team France Export to foster growth plans for french-italian companies selected for the first joint Accelerator. Companies join from both countries to get the business solutions and recognition they deserve for their long-term growth journey.

12 months of an immersive and stimulating program designed to foster transalpine business opportunities.
6 sessions between France and Italy. Knowledge partners are SDA Bocconi School of Management, MIP Politecnico di Milano School of Management, Sciences Po.
ELITE Basket Bond® features as one of the main basket bond solution addressing funding support to growing companies – as per the Position Paper published by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Osservatorio Minibond Politecnico di Milano and Centro Studi Orrick Italia - Center of European Law.

Source: Minibond e Basketbond per la ripresa economica delle Piccole e Medie Imprese Italiane report.

Partnership growth in 2021

Connecting Partners and fast-growing SMEs with business opportunities.
A vibrant community of advisors, banks, brokers and corporates focused on helping ELITE companies access expertise, obtain funding and so transform their vision into clear plans, actions and results.

companies introductions facilitated among our network
outstanding ELITE advisers and stakeholders
hours of workshop classes chaired by our partners

ELITE Lounges in 2021

new ELITE companies from ELITE Lounges in 2021

Funding milestones in 2021

ELITE is the private market of Euronext Group connecting companies with diverse sources of capital to drive their growth.

Our network provide companies with simplified access to diverse funding options and help intermediaries and brokers expand their reach.
Today, ELITE is a global success story, unlocking funding, jobs and growth for companies and so bringing benefit to the economies in which they operate.

ELITE hits over 160 basket bonds issuances

Through the six ELITE Basket Bonds® designed and promoted by ELITE in partnership with different market operators, 164 bond issuances were collected in less than 4 years (of which 27 in 2021) for a total amount of more than €525 million to support companies' growth.

Basket Bond Mezzogiorno

This is a €150million programme created in collaboration with Banca Finint, Confindustria and Modefinance to foster the growth and development of companies from South of Italy.
Those resources will be even more vital to face issues related to the pandemic.

Basket Bond - Sustainable Energy

The programme is developed by Eni, ELITE and illimity acting as arranger.
A sustainability-linked financial solution for a low carbon future. Qualified companies will access to financial resources to be used in projects and investments for the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Introduction to Partners and Brokers

We support companies in identifying the best financial advisor to work together on their growth plan.

total capital raised by ELITE companies
ELITE members corporate transactions
listed companies from ELITE network. +10 in 2021.

ELITE Companies ranked in many 2021 Reports and Awards.

Great to see many of our members have thrived in this year of extraordinary challenges.

Together let’s pave the path for a better present and brighter future.

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