03 May 23

1. What does 'entrepreneurship' mean to you?
Entrepreneurship to me is like a creation process, a seamless process that creates value and opportunities to employees and clients. A process that helps shape the society into a better one. Our goals, as a company, is the happiness of our people and the growth of the business. 
2. What has been the most significant experience or lesson you have gained during your journey?
As a child I have spent many years practicing as a pro tennis player, that shaped me and helped me in my working career. Sport taught me that determination, commitment and fierce is the 90% of the final result. The remaining 10% is chasing ambitious and reachable goals. I truly believe that step by step, working hard and being brave can make any dreams come true.

3. How does Fiberwide stand out in the competitive landscape?
We are indeed a Telco company with amazing and smart people pushing the bar higher and higher every day. Every single person in Fiberwide works with passion and attention to details above average. As a result we are proud to deliver excellent services and we thrive on growing alongside our clients. We want to be the best player in the B2B sector. We choose our people based on their talent and their core values, we do not choose by gender or sex. That being said Fiberwide is now the only majority-female Telco company on the market. This is not a strategy but it's a recruitment process, we hire the best people without any bias.
4. What is your personal and professional motto?
I do not have a motto, I am just focused on my targets. I properly set my targets, I know that with passion and commitment nothing is impossible, even the right balance between work and private life!
5. ELITE: the ecosystem that helps small and medium-sized enterprises to grow and access private and public capital markets. Why is this an opportunity that other companies should consider?
The ELITE ecosystem is truly a great chance for personal and professional growth. ELITE helped us to extend our horizons, we can now scout opportunities previously unknown to us. It is indeed a growth accelerator!

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