SPAC in Cloud

Streamlining the access to the public markets through the ELITE funding platform.

SPAC in CLOUD is the new path to IPO that combines the advantages of the traditional SPAC and the digital fundraising model of the ELITE Funding platform.

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Read more about the model and Digital Value, the first company to be successfully listed through SPAC in CLOUD

The Process


  • Appointment of the ELITE Partner (assumed to be the reference broker of the IPO)
  • Upload of the documents in the Digital Data Room, with disclosure of Promoters and Cornerstone Investors
  • Every new deal is the result of a negotiation among Promoters, Company and the Cornerstone Investor/s
  • Opening of the opportunity to Follow-on investors with a specific set of securities
  • Orders collection
Cornerstone investor and Follow-on investors engagement is subject to settlement/listing of the target.

ELITE Companies, to be listed. 

Identification of the Target, selection of the Cornerstone Investor, structuring and negotiation of the transaction, partial coverage of transaction costs.

Pre-entry with a buy-side due diligence and a minimum commitment in the deal.

Invest in target shares and warrants, separately traded on the market.


SPAC in CLOUD is the new path to IPO.

Investors have direct and online access to investment opportunities in IPOs

Negotiation among Promoters, Company and Cornerstone Investor

Cornerstone Investor minimum commitment of 20% of the total offer before addressing the opportunity to Follow-on Investors

Promoters, Cornerstone and Follow-on Investors subscribe security sets with different combinations of Company's shares and warrants

The transaction execution is subject to the admission to the public market

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SPAC in CLOUD is an environment dedicated to the fundraising of companies seeking admission to the public market.


Risk Warning

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