27 Jun 22
What does "entrepreneurship" mean to you?
To me, entrepreneurship stands for freedom and the ability to chase my dreams. Being surrounded by people who inspire me and working together towards a common goal. I love the idea of creating something beautiful together and overcoming all challenges, making the journey worthwhile.

What is the biggest experience or lesson gained on your growth journey so far?
Cash is King – always make sure you have enough money to pay your people and your rent whether you make a profit or loss. You can have many customers, but if you don't have money, you still have a problem. As long as you can invest and pay your fixed costs you will be alright. Also, I have learned that every crisis also represents an opportunity. People think that a crisis is always negative, but there are always huge opportunities that go along with it. Lastly, I have come to realize the importance of surrounding yourself with good people who will give you their honest critical opinion and not say what they think you want them to say.
How does Divitel stand out in the competitive landscape?
A video service consists of different technology components that work together in a ‘chain’ or ‘platform’. Our main competitors are vendors who supply components for these chains, but they only take responsibility for their specific components. We are vendor-independent and thus able to be impartial and take ownership of the whole performance of these platforms. Another unique point lies in Divitel’s ability to make decisions that are based on data and facts. With our twenty-five years of domain expertise, we are able to transform data into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom in order to act with certainty, based on facts instead of guesswork.

What is your personal and professional motto?
‘Change to stay the same’ is the motto. I believe that the only constant in this world is that everything is constantly changing. And so you have to always be willing and able to change in order to achieve your goals.

ELITE: the ecosystem that helps small and medium-sized enterprises to grow and access private and public capital markets. Why is this an opportunity that other companies should consider?
We have chosen ELITE to help us prepare our organization to find the investment needed to further accelerate Divitel’s growth. For us it acts as a benchmark, helping us position our company in the right way toward this new investor audience and understand the inner workings of the financial industry.

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