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You might be isolating, but you are not alone.

ELITE remains committed to supporting private companies and providing access to advice and expertise to help you navigate and adapt to the evolving challenges presented by Covid-19. We have put together this #ELITEtogether library of digital talks and insights that we hope you find useful for managing your business through the pandemic.

Pivoting your business model  |  Accessing government support  |  Reporting & accounting implications  |  Managing supply chain disruptions  |  The impact on private funding  |  Motivating your people in a digital world  |  Exploring the global economic outlook  |  Managing your contractual obligations  |  Managing cash flow in a crisis  |  Legal implications for employers  |  Communicating in a crisis

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Pivoting your business model
  • Linzi Boyd, Founder of BoB Group
  • Paola Cuneo, Head of Advisors & Investors at ELITE

Linzi talks to ELITE about how you can adapt your business model as new market trends emerge and the world around us changes. We explore the importance of agility and the unique opportunity companies have right now to pivot and scale.

Accessing government support
  • Patrick Magee, Chief Commercial Officer at British Business Bank
  • Stuart Johnstone, Regional Managing Director at NatWest
  • Umerah Akram, Head of Business Development at ELITE

This webinar takes a look at the initiatives launched by the UK government to support private companies, exploring how the funding is being made available and practical guidance for businesses seeking help.

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Managing supply chain disruptions
  • Iain Prince, Associate Partner in Supply Chain at KPMG
  • Jack Hurdidge, Senior Associate at ELITE

With Covid-19 exposing supply chain vulnerabilities in many businesses, Iain looks at the short-term response as well as longer-term learnings for good supply chain management in our interconnected global economy.

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The impact on reporting and auditing
  • Stephen Drew, Managing Partner at Smith & Williamson
  • Dominic Longley, Associate Director at Smith & Williamson
  • Umerah Akram, Head of Business Development at ELITE
Stephen and Dominic discuss the impact of Covid-19 on accounting and reporting for private companies. This webinar explores changes to the audit process, regulatory considerations and the impact of government initiatives.
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How is Covid-19 affecting fundraising?
  • Nizar Tarhuni, Director of Research & Analysis at PitchBook 
  • Florencia Kassai, Partner at Inflexion 
  • Paola Cuneo, Head of Advisors & Investors at ELITE
With a global recession on the horizon, we look at the impact of Covid-19 on the funding landscape. Nizar and Florencia talk to ELITE about how investors are working to support existing portfolio businesses, their advice for companies raising funds during this period and the outlook for future fundraising.
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Motivating your people in a digital world
  • Nelson Philips, Professor of Innovation and Strategy at Imperial College Business School
  • Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO of Adaptavist
  • Harp Athwal, Global Head of Client Services at Adaptavist

With a huge proportion of the population now working remotely, we look at ways to keep your employees motivated, engaged and productive. Adaptavist, ELITE company and long-term advocates of remote working, share their learnings.

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Exploring the global economic outlook
  • Colin Monton, Client Development Director at Rathbone Brothers Plc
  • Hannah Tapsell, Senior Associate at ELITE
With much of the world facing large-scale lockdowns and temporary business closures, governments and central banks have stepped in with measures to mitigate the economic downturn. Colin examines the impact of soaring unemployment on consumer spending, the effectiveness of the policy response and the longer-term picture in terms of the economic recovery. 
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Managing cash flow in a crisis
  • Chris Cork, Partner at Haysmacintyre
  • Jack Hurdidge, Senior Associate at ELITE

With the full economic impact of Covid-19 still unknown, we look at how businesses can respond to the immediate financial challenges presented by the disruption. Chris deep dives into best practice cash flow management and explores the broader financial, tax and accounting implications. 

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Managing your contractual obligations
  • Elizabeth Reid, Partner at Bird & Bird LLP
  • Zarina Nasib, Manager at ELITE

Elizabeth shares her advice for companies navigating contractual obligations affected by Covid-19 and provides tips for negotiating new contracts during these unprecedented times. 

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Legal implications for employers
  • Trevor Bettany, Employment Partner at Charles Russell Speechlys
  • Anna De Souza, Manager at ELITE

Employers face unprecedented challenges in protecting their staff and customers while, if possible, maintaining operations. During this webinar, Trevor simplifies the legal implications for employers and identifies some of the key practical considerations.

This video was recorded on 8th April 2020. The government has subsequently issued updated Guidance and a Direction from HM Treasury which has clarified and amended aspects of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. We recommend that you consider or take advice upon those rules before making decisions.
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Communicating in a crisis
  • Giles Croot, Managing Partner at Newgate Communications
  • Elisabeth Cowell, Partner at Newgate Communications
  • Paola Cuneo, Head of Advisors & Investors at ELITE

During these challenging times, the need for clear and consistent communication is greater than ever. In this webinar, Newgate Communications highlights best practice for communicating with your stakeholders during a crisis.

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