ELITE | Connecting companies with capital.

ELITE, launched in 2012 by Borsa Italiana and now part of Euronext Group, is the European network of private SMEs which accelerates the process to access private and public capital markets.    
ELITE’s mission is to support companies by connecting them to capital, skills and network to drive their sustainable growth in the long-term.    

Based on a unique offer of services and solutions, ELITE combines a calendar of workshops and coaching sessions, supporting entrepreneurs and executives upskilling and empowering their strategic plan and business opportunities.    

ELITE Companies’ management teams are also guided on how to fast-track their development and how to access the most suitable funding options for their needs, whether the Basket Bonds®, institutional investors, private equity, venture capital or equity markets.          

With over 2000 companies and 200 partners admitted since the launch, about €13 billion have been raised by ELITE businesses through 1120+ corporate transactions, highlighting how dynamic SMEs are once they are provided with an efficient access to private and public markets.

Our Network
When you share success it grows.

Everyday we deal with entrepreneurs, investors, corporate advisors and institutions.
Those who join the team become part of our ecosystem of growth and excellence.

ELITE looks for proactive people who dream big. A macro-system of people who take up the challenge  to improve themselves in a global and open context.

People who embrace change and share our same vision of the future.

A smart and sustainable future, made of people who are committed to success and personal growth while remaining true to the values of collaboration, partnership, transparency and a high regard for the environment.