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Inspiring stories
18 Jul 24
Interview to Daniele Maria Caruso, CEO of 20 energy

Because the ELITE ecosystem is founded on the important pillars, in terms of names and specific weight, of leading national and international players, which provide the possibility of interchange and cooperation, while also giving access to a signifi...

Inspiring stories
04 Jul 24
Interview to Donato Cella, Founder of Easylife SpA

I am convinced that entrepreneurship is not an individual activity but a flourishing phenomenon in a vibrant and sustaining ecosystem. ELITE, in this sense, is an entrepreneurial ecosystem of excellence that, thanks to the services offered to support...

Inspiring stories
20 Jun 24
Interview to Massimo Quizielvù , CEO of ERA Group

ELITE is currently the setting where companies that are in a crucial phase of their evolution come together, having embraced the challenges the market poses today: governance, continuity, sustainability, and evolution. These are companies that have c...

Inspiring stories
06 Jun 24
Interview to Riccardo Ciciriello, CEO of Blumatica

Because an entrepreneur often finds themselves alone or with few local realities to compare with. With ELITE, however, you truly enter a world of top people, from teachers to professionals and fellow entrepreneurs from other sectors and territories. ...