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20 Mar 23
Inspiring story White Energy

We have just joined the network, but it is already clear that ELITE has changed our mindset. Going back to school and studying again, it is necessary to question oneself. We became more aware of our skills and shortcomings. ELITE is a powerful progra...

Inspiring stories
16 Feb 23
Interview to Federico Bregolato, CEO We Can Consulting

Being part of the ELITE ecosystem is both an achievement and an engine for further changes. In our industry, it is crucial to seize business opportunities with the right timing. With its global support in terms of relationships and multiple funding s...

Inspiring stories
05 Sep 22
Interview to Fulvio Furbatto, CEO Advice Group

ELITE "creates value for companies that make up the real economy". I would also add 'companies with high social impact'.

Inspiring stories
24 Aug 22
Interview to Francesco Giondi, CEO Club del Sole

The ELITE experience is first of all a message to the entire Club del Sole team. It is a people&culture operation with the aim of developing all our employees, at every level.