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High-Impact Entrepreneurship Starts Here.

Supporting your sustainable long-term growth.

ELITE is Euronext Group’s SMEs network supporting high-impact entrepreneurs to foster economic growth and sustainable development.

With ELITE, you access the European network of private SMEs which accelerates the process to access private and public capital markets. 

A vibrant community of successful entrepreneurs, advisors, brokers and investors focused on helping private companies from around the world obtain funding and so transform their vision into clear plans, actions and results.

What are the benefits for companies?

  • Access to multiple funding options to support your long-term growth journey
  • Empower leadership and management skills to access new expertise
  • Provide business opportunities and visibility to scale your business
  • Connect with an outstanding global  
    Network that facilitates long-term engagement with multiple stakeholders
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Become an ELITE company

ELITE is the perfect solution for ambitious private companies from any sector who are looking to scale up their business and explore alternative funding options.

Access requirements

Participating companies typically have €5m+ revenues and/or have raised significant investment and have good historic growth and future potential.  

Qualitative criteria
  • High quality and ambitious company
  • Commitment to participate in the programme and motivated to implement valuable changes
  • Solid track record and vetted reputation

You can apply to local ELITE programmes in France, Portugal and The Netherlands.

Euronext Group’s ELITE SME network is bridging the gap between private and public markets. 
We are leveraging on the unique positioning at the heart of the European ecosystem to direct capital, business solutions and foster economic growth to empower the change-makers and high-impact entrepreneurs.

Businesses join ELITE because it is a stamp of quality. We are proud to be an enabler for companies to further raise their ambitions and to gather inputs and insights to push even more on their growth.
As deal and growth destination for both companies and market participants, ELITE is growing even more its track-record in championing the best of Europe's businesses, built on the Euronext federal model.
We are teaming up with outstanding partners to deliver local edition of the programmes, for companies joining the wider ecosystem.

ELITE in France

We offer French companies the opportunity to apply to the local edition leveraging on Euronext Paris and ESCP Business School.


ELITE in Portugal

We offer Portuguese companies the opportunity to apply to the local edition in partnership with WTC Lisboa, BBVA Bank and NOVA Business School.


ELITE in The Netherlands

We offer Dutch companies the opportunity to apply to the local edition in partnership with Erasmus Centre of Entrepreneurship (ECE), ScaleUp Company and nlgroeit. 


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