ELITE Basket Bond

A systemic and innovative funding tool and investment opportunity for the ELITE community

The ELITE Basket Bond offering is a unique way of providing debt financing to ELITE companies and offers an exclusive opportunity to invest in the real economy, represented by high quality SME issuers.
A group of ELITE companies each issue a bond with certain characteristics. These individual bonds are then grouped together under a securitisation transaction carried out by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The SPV would then issue an asset backed security through the ELITE Club Deal platform which interlinks companies and professional investors.

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Systemic Transaction- involves ELITE Companies operating in different sectors with strong growth plans and participating in the ELITE Programme.

ELITE Company benefits - to participate in a systemic financing transaction that, based on volumes and credit worthiness, allows the Issuer to approach institutional investors under very competitive conditions.

Investor benefits - access to a diversified portfolio of ELITE Companies.

Risk diversification - worthiness strengthened by the credit enhancement feature.

Credit Enhancement funded at closing - risk sharing among the Issuers on the Credit Enhancement in case of delay of payments and collateral (bonds) default.

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Risk Warning

The platform provided by Elite to assist Elite companies in meeting their funding needs is operated by Elite Club Deal Limited. Issued by Elite Club Deal Limited, The London Stock Exchange, 10 Paternoster Square, London EC4M 7LS. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 761002) . Incorporated in England No. 10274181. If contemplating an investment service, potential customers must seek independent advice or make his/her own decisions as to the suitability of the service. Potential investors should take their own independent advice to assess the suitability of investments.


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