11 Aug 21
11 Aug 21
ELITE company Hybrid Air Vehicles announces $200 million investment commitment

Under the agreement, GEM will provide HAV with a $200 million Share Subscription Facility for a 36-month term following a public listing of HAV’s common stock. Concurrent with the public listing HAV will issue GEM 0.75% of the common stock of the company at par value.

The agreement with GEM allows HAV to offer customers lease, charter, and service provision options. Not only does this diversify HAV’s business offering, but it also facilitates access to aircraft for customers who do not traditionally purchase outright. This is particularly relevant in markets such as ultra-low emissions mobility and experiential travel.

HAV’s first production aircraft, Airlander 10, will produce up to 90% fewer emissions than other aircraft in similar roles from 2025, with a clear path to zero emissions before 2030. Airlander has applications across the mobility, logistics, experiential travel, and communications & surveillance markets. Earlier in 2021, HAV revealed interior concepts for up to 100 passengers. These interiors highlight Airlander’s ability to be a quick win in decarbonising short haul passenger transport. 

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