22 Mar 21
22 Mar 21
FT and Statista announce FT1000 - Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies DOWNLOAD PDF

Financial Times and their data provider Statista, have partnered to identify Europe’s top 1000 fastest growing companies of 2021. The list, now in its fifth year, ranks Europe's most nimble and inventive companies.

The report also offers:

● A profile of the company with the highest revenue growth over the last three-year period.

● Exploration into one of the cities making an impact on the index and how its business culture

renders it fertile ground for fast-growing companies.

● A deep dive into one of the industries on the list.

● A profile of a company achieving strong results in a sector of increasing importance.

Among the 1000 companies identified for their accomplishments were digital cloud solutions company Alias group (S.r.l), and hardware production company Imperial Group (S.r.l). Alias group (S.r.l) recognised their selection as an “important acknowledgement that our vision and efforts are leading us in the right direction”. While Imperial Group (S.r.l) expressed what a “great honour” it is “to be among the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe and to have the opportunity to be featured in such an important publication as the Financial Times”.

As the sponsor of the 5th Annual FT1000 Special Report, ELITE is the largest international SMEs network and private market across Europe and beyond. Their CEO, Marta Testi, had this to say:

“The collaboration in the ‘FT1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies’ report highlights ELITE’s mission to support high-impact entrepreneurship to foster economic growth and sustainable development… ELITE’s success is testament of its ever growing key role in championing the best of Europe's businesses, directing capital and solutions to empower the change-makers and high-impact entrepreneurs.”

Download the PDF to read the full press release