24 Apr 24
What does "entrepreneurship" mean to you?
Entrepreneurship for me means seeing opportunities where others see limitations. It means creativity combined with pragmatism.
Be proactive, stay one step forward, innovate and take responsibility.



What are the values that distinguish ClimatePartner in its approach to SMEs?
ClimatePartner deeply believes that climate action should be accessible to everyone.
Our pragmatic, scientific and democratic approach enables entrepreneurs and managers to start on a climate journey, whatever their starting point is.
Our work with companies is instrumental in creating awareness of the contribution companies can make to the climate. In addition, our hybrid model combining the expertise and know-how of an established consulting company operating in the international market for several years with innovation and proprietary technology makes us unique and competitive in the market.
What are the times when companies benefit most from your support (business changes, new product/service launches..)?
Our mission is to be the reference partner for Italian excellences to achieve Net Zero. This means that we follow companies along the entire decarbonization path by offering a wide range of services.
The companies that contact us are varied and have different needs, especially by sector and company type.
Very often they are companies that are taking their first step, that are preparing a sustainability report and want to calculate their carbon footprint, that are interfacing with new regulations (see CSRD) or market demands (see CDP and SBTi), or that want to contribute to the climate through the purchase of carbon credits and green certificates.
In fact, any time is the right time to start the decarbonization journey, and our modular approach allows us to be effective and respond promptly whatever the company request is.



Why is ELITE a distinctive network to be a part of?
In ELITE we find SME Italian excellences: companies that represent the true 'Made in Italy' in the world.
These companies are the lifeblood of the national economy, they develop in many provinces bringing innovation and local prosperity.
It is our mission to bring high quality and pragmatic climate action to Italian SMEs.
The fight against climate change must not be a competitive advantage of multinationals, it must be accessible to Italian entrepreneurs.
Everyone must, now more than ever, be able to play their part, if we want to leave future generations a livable planet.

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