20 Jun 24
What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
For me, entrepreneurship is based on two pillars, towards which every action of an entrepreneur should aim: establishing a business culture to generate sustainable value and building an organization that can endure over time.
In this sense, I believe that being an entrepreneur today means not only generating economic returns for oneself and one's company but also – perhaps above all – creating value for all stakeholders: employees, investors, customers, suppliers, and the broader society. An entrepreneur has the responsibility to anchor their organization's profit to sustainability principles, enhancing the well-being of the people they work with and those they interact with, promoting practices and behaviours that support this direction.
Moreover, generating sustainable value also means knowing how to separate the company from the figure of the entrepreneur, striving never to be a limit to its evolution. On the contrary, the entrepreneur should act as a driver of this progress, even preparing for generational change in such a way that allows for the mentoring and growth of people, thus ensuring the continuity of the project and its ability to adapt and evolve over time.
What are the values that distinguish ERA Group in its approach to SMEs?
Our goal at ERA Group is to accompany and support businesses and entrepreneurs towards achieving their strategic objectives by valuing their Human Capital. We design and implement pathways that allow business culture to evolve over the long term.
We co-create with each organization the most effective and functional project for achieving their goals, placing people and their values at the centre of every decision. When faced with complex questions and choices, such as those impacting culture and organizational processes, we do not offer off-the-shelf or preconfigured solutions; instead, we tackle each project with integrated expertise, adapting our approach to the needs of each specific organization.
For the definition and realization of our interventions, we provide multidisciplinary know-how and specialized teams aligned with the nature of the mandate, paying the utmost attention to the feedback and needs of companies and individuals. Above all, we understand that evolution is only possible through cross-pollination and dialogue.



When do companies benefit most from your support (corporate changes, launch of new products/services…)?
We stand by organizations whenever they need support to achieve their strategic goals. Primarily, our support is evident during times that require effective management of change or discontinuity, finding new structures and balances to meet market challenges. We also assist organizations when they feel the need to assess and align managerial skills to implement changes, training, or onboarding of new resources.
ERA Group was established to support organizations through all these moments, bringing together companies and professional paths developed over more than 25 years. This has allowed us to create an ecosystem driven by passionate people who can listen, understand, and propose evolution pathways consistent with each business phase. ERA Group's people act in alignment with the company’s objectives, working within the organization as advisors and partners to facilitate goal achievement.
If the need is to adapt the organization to a change in business model, we design and implement Organizational Re-Design and Change Management interventions to mitigate complexities and foster a sense of belonging and commitment to the project among people.
To address the need for evaluating individual competencies and creating growth pathways tailored to the development of individuals, teams, and the organization, we offer Assessment processes and development plans through Coaching and Career Management.
When the organization needs to introduce and strengthen managerial skills, we support the search and selection of senior figures or the identification of Temporary or Fractional Managers to take on these tasks.
If a family business needs to plan and secure generational transition, we stand by its side through Advisory services to evaluate the organizational model most aligned with strategic objectives, assess the alignment of heirs, and define a People Strategy to address skill gaps.
To effectively communicate corporate identity and values and increase employer recognition to attract, hire, and retain talent, we support the organization in building an effective Candidate & Employee Experience.
When professional relationships end, we design and deliver Outplacement programs that help people transition to new projects.
Why is ELITE a distinctive network to be a part of?
ELITE is currently the setting where companies that are in a crucial phase of their evolution come together, having embraced the challenges the market poses today: governance, continuity, sustainability, and evolution. These are companies that have chosen to address the same issues we deal with every day, asking the questions we are committed to answering.
For this reason, I believe ELITE is an excellent meeting point with companies that express a project-oriented approach consistent with our perspective on business, the market, and society. In this network, we are confident in finding interlocutors with whom we can engage and collaborate, continuing to develop and improve the solutions we offer to companies. We understand that evolution is only possible by acting in an organized, constructive, and project-oriented manner, driven by a common goal.

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