09 May 24
What does "entrepreneurship" mean to you?
Being entrepreneurs first and foremost means "generational change."
It has required and continues to require creativity and courage to develop adaptability to the changing conditions of the market. It means being tenacious, setting goals, but also allowing ourselves to be surprised if we want our company to maintain its most genuine expression.
Being entrepreneurs means not losing sight of what innovation offers and leveraging technology to remain competitive, taking into account the growing awareness of the importance of sustainability.
We have dedicated our first sustainability report to this meaning because clarity and foresight are essential.
Thriving is synonymous with adaptability: an entrepreneur must connect within and outside their company with as many
individuals as possible, each with their own individuality, who can contribute to established goals or creative actions.



What has been the most significant experience or lesson you have gained during your 
Difficult moments, crises, and situations that can compromise management and business are often unpredictable.
Our history teaches us that to face such periods, an approach focused on transforming loss into a resource, stagnation into a new momentum, and misfortune into color is needed.
Stated this way, it might seem very philosophical and impractical, but the truth is that many of our major crises have been faced with the intention of protecting Tirso from any incursion by systems that do not belong to us.
In this sense, our values have always won, and therefore, our colors.
How does Tirso stand out in the competitive landscape?
Our values are uniqueness, responsibility, and humanity.
We are unique because we do not want a company that responds to the historical period by emulating or copying.
We want to be promoters of an innovative message, made up of people we do not intend to standardize and strategies that respond to our business and our corporate social responsibility; certainly, diversification is part of our DNA.
What is your personal and professional motto?
Uniting Humans and Energies to make everything possible: I will never tire of believing that in any world we inhabit, i twill be the power of knowledge that will network and show us the main path.



ELITE: the ecosystem that helps small and medium-sized enterprises grow and access private and public capital markets. Why is this an opportunity that other companies should consider?
ELITE resembles us. It creates connections, helps us question the future that awaits us, bringing together resources without losing their uniqueness.
No company can hope to overcome any crisis period without committing to training and long-term vision: ELITE helps 
and supports to avoid being caught unprepared; connecting with various sources of capital remains the main goal that can contribute to sustaining significant growth and managerial restructuring for family businesses.

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