12 Oct 20
12 Oct 20
Inspiring story Finnica Consulting Interview to ELITE Ambassador Jenni Mäkipää Owner and Management Consultant at Finnica Consulting
What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
Entrepreneurship means to me first of all a mindset. It is a way of thinking which needs a lof of openness to learn and adapt in the ever-changing business environment. I think that combining personal passion and work is a wonderful way get the best of out of growth journey both for the company and for the person. It is a continuous learning process, where the bigger the business grows the more challenges it brings, but the satisfaction to see the results is priceless! It is also about freedom to choose totally out of the box strategies to achieve your goals.

How is Finnica Consulting acting as a game changer in the SMEs landscape?
The business dynamics are changing all the time. I see it especially in the European market where the state borders are getting less important, but at the same time the skills of the team to navigate in a multicultural environment is crucial. The multicultural approach applies both in the operative and strategic landscape and can be business saver in the global digital business of the future. I believe that business strategies need to be updated regularly especially when the business environment changes. An external professional who can support strategy process with a fresh and independent view has been important to many SMES.

What are the key moments in which companies gain the most from your support and expertise? and what challenges and opportunities have you encountered so far in supporting companies in their growth journey? 
Finnica Consulting is dedicating its efforts to support companies in their international growth path, especially in the field of opening new markets. The major benefits are in the phase of definition of the market specific strategies and the following operative phases such as sales channel definition, partner search, and partner negotiations. A growth path of company is full of challenges, but I just love to find solutions and see how things evolve step by step. In fact, I believe that a long-term vision and determination can create real success stories.

Why do you think ELITE is the best network to be part of?
A global network of trustworthy companies with a common growth drive combined with an impressive resource pool are more than a good reason to join! In addition to the fact that more than 1400 companies are already part of network. I’ve also seen and felt the sparkling enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs at the events and all the success stories with inspiring growth journeys.

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