06 Jul 22
06 Jul 22
Interview to Gianfranco Mazzoccoli, CEO Cedat 85
1.What does 'entrepreneurship' mean to you?
It is a complex answer. I will borrow the words of Francesco De Gregori in The Football Lever of 1968: to be an entrepreneur you need 'courage, selflessness and imagination'. I would also add tenacity, not to be confused with insistence.

2. What has been the most significant experience or lesson you have gained during your journey?
Business is a world in which something happens every day, every hour and every minute. 
There are millions of fractions that, together, make history. 
I vividly remember one of them, when in a very important institution, a high-ranking official invited me to his office to discuss a report on some experimental work we had done. 
He took it upon himself to read it to me, and at the end, suddenly and irritably switching from '3rd person' to 'you', he exclaimed: 'But would you have been able to write it so well? 
As I tried to chase back an overbearing tear, I barely managed to mumble: 'I do hope I deserve such important words at least a little'.
That episode made me realise that you should always try to relate to high-calibre people: they are the most intelligent, the most knowledgeable, the kindest, the most helpful, the most generous. And they are the ones from whom you can learn the most interesting things.

3. How does Cedat 85 stand out in the competitive landscape?
We are distinguished by our vision of solutions to which the empowering technology (automatic voice recognition) is applied. And I think our specificity compared to our competitors is that we are the first users of the technology we develop, we are the first judges of it. And we are very, very rigorous.

4. What is your personal and professional motto?
Personal is: 'Always greet the people you meet when you go up. You might meet them again when you come down".The professional one is: 'True wealth is not abundance, it is excellence'.

5. ELITE: the private market and network that creates value for companies, market players, real economy. Why is it an opportunity that other companies should consider?
ELITE is a place that allows entrepreneurs, partners, brokers, and investors to compare experiences, and exchange is the first step to start a path of growth.