11 Apr 23

1. What does 'entrepreneurship' mean to you?
Deciding to be an entrepreneur is a great responsibility. First and foremost towards your family, because you inevitably decide to take time away from it to dedicate to the business, but also because you have to manage the business risk, which - for someone like me - who started without capital - means risking everything, even what you don't have…
That's why I can now say that I have created a new 'family' in the company, which gives me a sense of full responsibility because behind every employee, there is a family, and you cannot make mistakes, you have to fight every day to emerge and stay in business.
Finally, you need great motivation and passion to be an entrepreneur. In my case, the passion for engineering linked to creating value through vision has allowed us to realise unique, creative and challenging projects over the years.
My strong motivation was also the redemption of my family's, my father's, entrepreneurial history. The fact that I succeeded gives me strength and awareness today.

2. What has been the most significant experience or lesson you have gained during your journey?
My entire journey as an entrepreneur has been a continuous and growing experience. I have travelled almost all over the world in the last 30 years, meeting different cultures and people, and each one, in some way, has enriched me as a person and as an entrepreneur. If I had to pinpoint a precise moment, it is probably my first trip to the USA while still very young, where I discovered a different country from the one I had imagined, and which shape me as an entrepreneur-manager on how to see work differently. During our life, we always take lessons: most of them I learned it at school and at university, but the most authentic and sincere ones were from my father. When we are young, we don't fully understand them because we are caught up in our own moment, but now that I have my own family, I recognise as extraordinary those lessons I received from him without ever raising his voice, and without ever clashing with my different vision of doing business. I can only say that I was lucky to have a silent mentor full of extraordinary qualities by my side, who still push me on to do better!
3. How does NTE Process stand out in the competitive landscape?
I wanted to give the project a uniqueness right from the start. We are unique, and the others are outstanding, but we work differentely. If you decide to work at NTE Process, you must feel part of a great project. We bet on a young company right from the beginning, bringing on board many young people who have embraced the project and today are part of the management of the company's continuous success. It is up to them to take forward what we have built together so far. Our project believes in people and their professional success. Where can you find a company with a vision like this?
We have embraced the ESG project with strength and determination. It all started from our Governance that identified the social and environmental objectives representing us the most. Furthermore, we have unique values that we want to carry with us every day. As a result, we are also an "Integrated Engineering Solutions" company, tremendously proactive and able to find the best innovative solutions for our customers. We do not sell systems but ideas and projects that create value!
4. What is your personal and professional motto?
I don't like to miss opportunities in life: I often use 'carpe diem, but if we want to be more concrete... Opportunities come along occasionally; you should grab them while you can. Being proactive, dynamic and full of passion make us unique. Regarding the business, I like the motto 'ad majora semper'. Essentially,do not settle if you can reach more. This is what prepare me for upcoming opportunities. I cannot think of an entrepreneurial project that is not challenging to improve more.
5. ELITE: the ecosystem that helps small and medium-sized enterprises to grow and access private and public capital markets. Why is this an opportunity that other companies should consider?

Many entrepreneurs are afraid to share 'their creation' when they achieved a seccessful result, with the risk of unintentionally sanctioning the decline of the enterprise itself, losing the opportunity to access capital and expertise that can also be used through the ELITE route.

I remain convinced that the company, at some point, even if the entrepreneur-members legally own it, also has moral responsibilities towards employees and stakeholders. The entrepreneur-members must ensure the continuity of the company and a desire for constant growth of the project, even by changing the original path. One must have the honesty and courage to get help to grow further, giving up part of the company in favour of new public and private investors. The growth option through special M&A operations remains open, but getting help by finding capital and expertise is still an opportunity to be seriously evaluated.

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