31 Jan 22
31 Jan 22
Interview to Alessandra Fraire | Equity Partner | PHI Consulting Firm ELITE communicates a global success story, capable to integrate different cultures in the light of common values inspired by integrity, comp...
What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
The ability to have a clear and defined vision aimed at creating value through the tools and human resources that are the head of the entrepreneur and the environment that surrounds him. The value creation, equally redistributed among the resources that contribute to its development, is an instrument to promote the free expression of the talent of human resources and their full realization at the individual and collective level. Proper entrepreneurship therefore contributes to the creation of a balance within the company and between the company and the economic and social context in which it operates, all in the light of the ordinary rules of fair competition on the market. The clear and defined vision, finalized to the value creation, therefore, must be declined in organizational and economic aspects (of business) and of choices able to remunerate correctly the money resources allocated on the enterprise in the medium-long term.

How is PHI Consulting Firm acting as a game changer in the SMEs landscape?
Our main value is that of the valuation independence, applied in particular with reference to the analysis of the positioning of the company in its reference market and its ability to compete. Evaluative independence is at the base of integrity and honesty of judgment in indicating solutions for the search of competitive advantages stable in the time and in the definition of strategies, also of mergers & acquisition, in order to strengthen the presence of the enterprise on the markets. The implementation of these business support activities is therefore based on the value attributed to continuing training ("never stop learning") and updating, also in terms of information exchange based on the scheme of "open innovation".

What are the key moments when companies gain the most from your support and expertise?
The moment in which the company benefits more from our support is that in which it must rationalize its own logic and dynamics of increase and dimensional development, both endogenous and exogenous, and its competitive positioning. The decisions arising from this rationalisation process are of a strategic nature and have a medium-long-term impact. The experiential and cognitive contents shared with the entrepreneur and the mirroring support to his evaluations encourage the expression and the emergence of content and ideas more articulated and effectively adherent to the real context and the competitive arena of reference.

And What challenges and opportunities have you encountered so far in supporting companies in their growth journey?
The prodromic dialogue between PHI Consulting Firm and the enterprise in order to evaluate their reciprocal interest to a process of increase and development tends to reveal eventual resistances from the phases of mutual interaction (the difficulty of the enterprise to fully perceive the effects of external changes, the latency in preparing suitable reactions, difficulties in properly hierarchize priorities, etc.) and thus allow the parties to proceed only in contexts where such resistance is limited or otherwise not relevant.    

Why do you think ELITE is a good network to be part of?

ELITE communicates a global success story, capable to integrate different cultures in the light of common values inspired by integrity, competence and credibility in relationships. It brings together business and consultancy profiles dedicated to offering the best to the market in their respective fields of intervention. This ambition and this common purpose, combined with the awareness of the need to be tenacious in achieving one’s goals, make ELITE a distinctive network to be part of.

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