06 Jun 24
What does "entrepreneurship" mean to you?
Being able to look beyond the horizon, the ability to get back up after every defeat, discipline.
What has been the most significant experience or lesson you have acquired during your journey?
In general, I have learned a lot from failures.
There was an apparent failure, a project I believed in and invested heavily in, which bore fruit only 15 years later, simply because it was ahead of its time.
I put it aside and continued to nurture it with limited resources, just enough to keep it alive and not let it die.
When the market need arose, we found ourselves to be the leaders in that sector.
I am talking about the first collaborative and integrated software to manage all issues related to workplace safety and management systems (quality, safety, environment), a topic that exploded in 2008 with the entry into force of the Consolidated Safety Law, Legislative Decree 81/08, which we all now know.



How does Blumatica stand out in the competitive landscape?
Once again, I mention discipline in its most varied meanings.We are particularly attentive to ensuring that each sector functions optimally, according to very precise rules and morals, both procedurally and more abstractly.We are Italians, and what has always made us different from the rest of the world, I believe, is our ability and intelligence to adapt, to react in the best possible way to all those cases that fall outside written procedures and rules.Every woman and man at Blumatica learns from the start to put the customer at the center and to ensure that every action or decision respects this principle.We select people primarily based on this predisposition, and I believe that, for better or worse, working at Blumatica is not for everyone.
As the famous boxer Mike Tyson said, "Discipline is doing what you hate as if you loved it!"We also have extraordinary design capabilities from our over 15 engineers in the R&D sector, who are very close-knit despite each being specialized in specific sectors, and they always manage to design software that offers users an extraordinary experience.



What is your personal and professional motto?
"He who speaks first loses! He who thinks wins!"
ELITE: the ecosystem that helps small and medium-sized enterprises grow and access private and public capital markets. Why is it an opportunity that other companies should consider?
Because an entrepreneur often finds themselves alone or with few local realities to compare with.
With ELITE, however, you truly enter a world of top people, from teachers to professionals and fellow entrepreneurs from other sectors and territories.It is proving to be an increasingly winning choice, capable of opening minds in an extraordinary way.

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