20 Dec 23
What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
Entrepreneur is one who strongly believes in a business idea and has the ability to bring it to the market, creating the conditions for success. He/she is able to deeply understand the context in which he/she finds themself and organize a competitive reality capable of satisfying the customer's needs. This person is concrete enough to accomplish their goal and dreamy enough to imagine it. They are able to involve those around them and ultimately decide what best corresponds to their vision.



What is the biggest experience or lesson gained on your growth journey so far?
The most significant experience that my job has allowed me to have, is meeting people from all over the world. We are lucky enough to export to about 70 countries and practically every day we have international guests visiting the company, sometimes in structured meetings, other times simply for cognitive purposes. I think it is a truly priceless human and professional enrichment.
How is your company acting as a game changer in the landscape?
The pools we build, with the use of Myrtha technology, are a proprietary and exclusive product. They are modular tanks in laminated stainless steel and allow technologically advanced creations for high-performance use and at the same time are characterized by an extremely elegant design.Compared to the traditional construction system that involves the use of reinforced concrete, Myrtha tanks reduce the impact on environmental sustainability (Carbon footprint) equal to about half and allow millimetre precision realisations, in a much faster time and with almost zero maintenance. They allow the construction of swimming pools of any shape and size, and, thanks to the lightness of the steel structure, they are particularly suitable for use on the highest floors of residential buildings.



What Should Your Life Motto Be?
I can only quote the motto that has always been handed down in my family: "the pride of a job well done".
The European network of private SMEs which accelerates the process to access private and public capital markets. Why it can be the game changing opportunity companies should consider?
ELITE represents an excellent opportunity to accelerate the growth path of all companies that want to exploit the potential of their ideas. Thanks to high-quality training support and various networking opportunities that allow you to compare yourself with similar realities, the entrepreneur is also supported from a financial point of view. My entry into ELITE is very recent but I already have the feeling that it will offer me a very relevant path of personal and professional growth.


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