24 Aug 22
1. What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
In the Italian landscape of small and medium-sized enterprises, the figure of the entrepreneur has historically been associated with the creative genius who identifies totally with the enterprise, in complete solitude, doing it all by himself.
The complexity of the market and competitive pressures make this view increasingly obsolete and detrimental to the company and how it is also increasingly necessary for the entrepreneur to be supported by technicians and managers, capable of internalising his vision and implementing it to achieve common goals.
The courage, the perseverance and the determination typical of the entrepreneurship must be supported by the mechanisms of delegation and its raison d'être: the trust. The same trust that my father gave to his children, the same trust that has led us to create a professionally managed company.
Entrepreneurship is also creativity: with his ideas, the entrepreneur is able to guide and inspire others, in a virtuous circle that creates fertile ground for the proliferation of new ideas: ideas give birth to new ideas, ideas attract people, people attract projects and projects attract capital.
The entrepreneur is the leader who always keeps this virtuous circle alive, involving, listening, caring and stimulating management, which in turn converts vision into action.
Leadership is also the awareness that you are alone at the time that you have to make the decision. 


2. What was the most significant experience or lesson you gained during your career?
Entrepreneurially my family started out in the real estate, a field that has always been considered prestigious. In my family, tourism was not the main activity, yet it fascinated me more than real estate.
I am a person who likes challenges, I was fascinated by the possibility of being able to develop the Group created by my father and also motivated by the trust he gave me and my brother Raffaele.
For this reason, I decided to first take a degree in Law at Bologna University and then a Master in Tourism Economics at Bocconi University, with the aim of turning an activity considered secondary into our main business.
I was thinking of Club del Sole as the leader of outdoor holidays in Italy, and I was determined in pursuing this vision.
The change was triggered with my training, and then I started a path of managerialisation of the business - completely innovative compared to what I saw in our competitors - and in just 5/6 years we managed to complete 2 operations with Private Equity funds.


3. How does Club del Sole stand out in the competitive landscape?
Over the last fifty years, outdoor tourism has changed profoundly. "Outdoor holiday" for Club del Sole today means stays in beautiful lodges surrounded by nature or directly by the sea, equipped with all possible comforts. We interpret and make possible the holiday of the future made up of the union between flexibility and personalisation of services, a green and eco-friendly soul and the possibility to live authentic outdoor experiences, with the added value of sustainable price-quality ratio.
Our sector is very competitive, but Club del Sole stands out because it adds unique elements to these market trends, such as design – every year the offer is expanded with new accommodations equipped with more and more innovative and sophisticated services - and a more inclusive and hybrid approach, different from both camping and the village.
Distinctive elements include the quality of the locations: many of our Villages are located in the main resorts of the Romagna Riviera and directly on the sea. But we also have destinations on the Tuscan coast and in Versilia, on Lake Garda, in Jesolo and the upper Adriatic, in the Marche and Abruzzo regions. Our offer is capable of truly intercepting people from different geographic and demographic backgrounds, but also with different needs. A completely transversal target, but united by the principle that time spent on holiday is “life as it should be”. This is our new tag-line but also the mantra, the promise and the inspiration that move all our decisions.
4. What is your personal and professional motto?
As I said, I have always been motivated both by trust and by my family's sharing of the idea of making Club del Sole our main business and market leader.
My grandmother Verdiana often told us “Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today”.
She repeated it most frequently to me, I don't know why, she probably thought I needed it most.
Apparently, it seemed like an incentive to get busy and roll up our sleeves, or rather, an invitation to be more proactive and ahead of the times: to be pioneers, to “make things happen” and not wait for them. Coming from her, who with my grandfather had created the first campsite from nothing, starting from a simple farm land, the invitation had even more value.

"Don't wait for things to happen, but do what you can to make them happen".
5. ELITE: the private market and network that creates value for companies, market operators, real economy. Why is this an opportunity for other companies to consider?
The ELITE programme is the desirable choice for companies that want to embark on a path of organizational and managing development based on training and mentoring.
Club del Sole has chosen to join with enthusiasm and we are particularly focused on the cultural aspect: investing in human capital is an essential element for the growth of a contemporary company, even more if it operates in the hospitality sector, where the human factor is decisive.
And that is exactly where we want to focus: the ELITE experience is first of all a message to the entire Club del Sole team. It is a people&culture operation with the aim of developing all our employees, at every level.

We prefer to invest in them rather than turn to the market to find new managers and talent.
We want to develop a company culture internally that is structured, professional and managerial.
To do this, the comparison with other companies can be helpful and decisive.
At the same time, we believe that the process of osmotic sharing of the best tools and knowledge on the market are indispensable and possible, thanks to the highly qualitative networking offered by ELITE.
So we enter into ELITE with a spirit of total openness, ready to absorb and pass on.

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