ELITE Partnership
A vibrant community to establish long-term business connections.
ELITE Partnership.
The smartest way to grow your business

ELITE offers leading advisers and corporates the opportunity to be official partners of ELITE across Europe.

ELITE partners become part of a vibrant ecosystem and support the most ambitious SMEs on their growth journey.

ELITE companies go through a structured programme designed to help them scale up, explore funding options and access our network of partners, peers and investors. Partners become an integral part of the ELITE community: delivering sessions, showcasing thought-leadership and providing mentoring.

After completing the programme, companies remain active members of ELITE, accessing our network for expertise and advice.

ELITE Lounge Partners.
A dedicated environment for the most ambitious and proactive Advisors and Corporates.

The ELITE Lounge is a dedicated and bespoke programme and platform designed together to jointly support companies on their growth journey.

Companies get all the benefits of the main ELITE programme as well as dedicated sessions with the Lounge Partner.

Partners use this as an opportunity to showcase their know-how, develop deeper relationship with clients and attract new prospects.

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