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Assess your business's future growth through the 10 drivers. Grow Faster.

Are you curious to see how your growth strategy stacks up against the top priorities?

Use the ELITE Digital Compass tool to compare yourself to the emerging best practices used by your peers who consistently make their numbers. Assess your company today.


Assess your company and compare against benchmarks


Identify strengths and areas of improvement


Get relevant business insights and opportunities


Get your business scale up ready. 

Supporting ambitious private companies towards growth and investment.

ELITE is an international business support and capital raising programme for ambitious and fast growing companies.

ELITE combines education, business support, mentoring and access to expertise and funding:

  • A comprehensive programme for founders and managers stimulating organisational review and change
  • Focus on your company specific goals and implement change based on best practices and frameworks shared by the advisory community
  • Be part of an extensive ecosystem of business leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, advisers, investors and stakeholders
  • Capitalise on the support and expertise to access a range of funding options
A programme and platform for ambitious management teams stimulating change, supporting growth and access to capital


Ambitious private companies from any sector looking to scale up their business,and exploring funding options.
A comprehensive programme for founders and managers stimulating organisational review and change.


We are committed to championing ambitious companies and connect them with skills, network and capital they need.


If you have the ambition to go through the next stages of rapid growth, apply now.

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ELITE spans all over the world. Choose your Programme.

Are you an ELITE Company that is ready to raise capital?
We are bridging the gap towards the Capital Markets in an integrated environment.

A private placement platform that streamlines the capital raising process for ambitious enterprises. ELITE gives companies the opportunity to raise capital through multiple funding options:

We leverage on new digital technologies and an extensive global network of professional investors, companies, corporate advisers and institutions.

Discover the 5 steps to capital.

Explore our successful capital raising case histories:
Basket Bond I

Why should a company use ELITE to raise money?


  • Access to a host of advisors & investors
  • Multiple funding options - equity and debt instruments
  • Standardised investment process
  • Access to a global network 
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Risk Warning.

The platform provided by Elite to assist Elite companies in meeting their funding needs is operated by Elite Club Deal Limited. Issued by Elite Club Deal Limited, The London Stock Exchange, 10 Paternoster Square, London EC4M 7LS. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 761002) . Incorporated in England No. 10274181. If contemplating an investment service, potential customers must seek independent advice or make his/her own decisions as to the suitability of the service. Potential investors should take their own independent advice to assess the suitability of investments.

Terms of Use (General ELITE Club Deal) 

Terms of Use (General ELITE SIM) 

Termini e Condizioni Generali (ELITE SIM)