Uncover your company's future growth potential


Complete an immersive three-part series and enhance your strategy


Access a world-class programme to meet your growth plans

Assess your company's future growth against our ten dimensions.

Use the ELITE Growth Compass to assess your company's future growth potential and see how you stack up in the ten dimensions most critical for succeeding as a scale-up businesses. Compare your business to the emerging best practices used by your peers and define strategic priorities for enhancing growth.

Complete an immersive three-part series and enhance your strategy.

During this three-part series, companies follow a structured framework for developing their strategy and link this with the financial and fundraising goals of the business. Over the three sessions, you will:

  • Part One: Create a structured framework for developing your strategy and identify your vision, mission and core challenges
  • Part Two: Link your vision, mission and core challenges to financial models and identify organic and inorganic initiatives to achieve your strategy
  • Part Three: Learn how best to articulate your strategy and develop an effective company presentation that can be used for fundraising and beyond
Access a world-class programme to meet your growth plans.

Through interactive one-day Growth Labs, companies have the opportunity to deep-dive into the dimensions covered during the Growth Compass.

Workshops typically consist of a blend of plenary sessions, small group workshops, clinics, panel discussions and 'inspiring stories'. Each workshop is delivered by a range of advisors, investors, business school professors and relevant stakeholders. All discussions are under Chatham House rules, creating a comfortable environment for peer-to-peer learning and sharing.

Companies can attend six Growth Labs during each year of membership and we welcome up to 3 attendees from each business.

People: Part 1

Build a strategy to attract talent

This module looks at developing the talent strategy of your organisation, with a focus on effective resource planning, building your brand to attract the best talent and identifying the right channels for recruitment. Interactive workshops look in depth at the challenges of recruitment, including how to build your business overseas.

People: Part 2

Reward and retain your top talent

This module explores how to enhance your talent strategy as the business scales. Sessions look at methods for nurturing, growing and incentivising talent, as well as the legal considerations around HR in a scaling organisation. Experts highlight key trends in reward frameworks, immigration and wellbeing.

The Entrepreneur

Prosper as a leader of a high growth firm

This module focuses on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and their personal growth as leaders. Expert speakers explore the themes of mental resilience, the responsibilities of today’s leaders and personal brand.


Understand the options for private fundraising

This module demystifies the funding landscape, helping companies identify the right capital to support their growth ambitions. As well as exploring the options available for private companies, expert speakers discuss how best to prepare.

Exit Planning

Identify the right exit route

This module explores liquidity events and helps companies develop the right exit strategy for their business. Experts discuss how to best prepare for an exit, including looking at the different methodologies for valuation and understanding the buyer mindset.


Prepare for the public market

This module looks at the process of listing on a public market, how to prepare your business to make the most of the opportunity and life as a listed company.


Find and fund the right acquisitions

Whether you’re acquiring for scale or to sell at a higher valuation, this module explores different strategies for accelerating growth through acquisitions. From building an M&A strategy through to executing your plan, expert speakers look at how you can identify targets, fund acquisitions and successfully integrate new organisations.


Know your clients, competitors and mission

This module looks at your marketing and branding strategy, including how well you understand both your clients and competitors. Experts discuss how to develop a value-led approach to pricing and evaluate sales strategies.


Expand your success to new geographies

This modules looks at the different routes to internationalisation, from building your strategy to execution. It looks at designing a company specific plan for internationalisation and experts discuss the legal considerations of the various strategies.


Go beyond new frontiers

This module explores disruptive innovation, in particular how to ensure your company’s best ideas develop from idea to commercial success. Interactive workshops look at how to identify, test and evaluate innovations, as well as how to develop a culture of innovation that fosters long term growth.


Leverage technology to enhance your business

This modules focuses on new technologies; how to identify opportunities and leverage them to enhance your business. It looks at the latest trends in disruptive innovations and how to integrate them into your existing organisation

Operational Strategy

Build the right structure for lasting growth

This module explores all the activities that are performed in order to produce and deliver a product or service. Expert speakers look at how businesses can build an optimal operational structure to achieve a long-term competitive advantage. Themes include organisational structure, supply chain management, resource allocation and lean management.


Build the right foundations to support your growth

This module helps companies identify and implement the right and scalable structure for accelerated growth. Expert speakers discuss the importance of good corporate governance, the role of the chair and how to manage a crisis. Interactive workshops look at recruiting NEDs and how to evaluate the effectiveness of your board.


Turn threats into a competitive advantage

This module provides companies with an understanding of business risk factors and introduces practical methods for recognising and managing risk. Experts discuss the different types of risk which can affect growing businesses, focusing on financial risk, cyber risk and intellectual property.