14 Nov 19
14 Nov 19
Anna Ferrino - CEO, Ferrino



Ferrino is an outdoor equipment specialist, describing itself as being for ‘hiking lovers only’. Based in Turin, Italy, it was founded almost 150 years ago, in 1870 and has a longstanding heritage of innovation.

From its early days, the company focused on textiles and outdoor products such as camping tents and backpacks, for both leisure and professional use. It now develops more specialised products using new fabrics and technologies, including top range sleeping bags and outdoor accessories, snowshoes, and hiking and climbing apparel. Ferrino is also passionate about working ethically and respecting the planet.

Ferrino joined ELITE in 2019 and it has made an immediate impact on the company, with the programme demonstrating its efficient ways of helping the company evolve its business strategy and connect with the global business community.