05 May 19
05 May 19
Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, ELITE and Leonardo sign an MoU for the sustainable growth of the Aerospace and Defence supply chains. Today the launch of the first "ELITE Leonardo Lounge" cohort DOWNLOAD PDF
  • The aim of the memorandum of understanding is to provide CDP’s financial support for the growth of Leonardo’s supply chain and is part of the initiatives launched by the national AD&S champion with the LEAP2020 programme and ELITE

  • The agreement represents a best practice at the international level, and fits within the framework of a programme in which ELITE and the CDP Group will commit for the growth of Italy’ssupply chains, of the Italian economy

  • For Leonardo, the signing of the MoU will help improve the sustainability and performance of its business, while contributing to the development of a system made up of solid companies, with a strong background for investments, that are able to innovate and compete internationally

  • For CDP, the agreement is a step in line with the goal set by its Strategic Business Plan to support 60,000 Italian companies, through an integrated offer to support their innovation, growth and internationalisation needs

  • For ELITE, the agreement represents the first example of a virtuous model for supporting the real Italian economy, which has always been at the heart of its mission

  • Today saw the unveiling of the first group of Leonardo suppliers joining ELITE through the “ELITE Leonardo Lounge”: 22 companies, with a combined revenue of 360 million Euros and more than 2,400 employees.

CDP, ELITE and Leonardo today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) dedicated to supporting the growth of the companies that make up Leonardo’s supply chain. The agreement – which is linked to the partnership announced by ELITE and Leonardo last February and is part of Leonardo’s LEAP2020 programme – provides for the launch of a partnership aimed at fostering the growth of Leonardo’s strategic suppliers, providing structured financial and non-financial tools and solutions to accelerate their growth and support their development plans.
ELITE, CDP and Leonardo have decided to pool their own strengths in order to support the manufacturers on their paths of growth and development by adopting a system approach. The aim of the agreement is to launch a concrete collaboration among the parties for the study, research and evaluation of possible solutions for the member companies of the “ELITE Leonardo Lounge”, with the goal of improving their financial soundness and supporting their consolidation and dimensional growth process.
Consistent with its role as the National Promotional Institution, CDP promotes Italy’s development, responsibly using the country’s savings to foster growth and employment by supporting company innovation and the competitiveness, infrastructures and the nation as a whole. With its new 2019-2021 Business Plan, CDP foresees the mobilisation of 83 billion Euros of its own resources in loans to companies over the three-year period, through an integrated offer focused on innovation, growth and international expansion. With the goal of reaching 60,000 enterprises over the period of the plan, this offer covers areas such as facilitated credit arrangements, interventions to support exports and internationalisation, alternative financing instruments, support for access to credit for companies, and equity interventions.
With this aim in mind, CDP has identified some of Italy’s main strategic sectors that have a significant impact on the development of our country’s competitiveness, launching specific initiatives – such as this agreement in the Aerospace and Defence field – intended to support companies in those sectors.

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