12 Oct 23

Milan - 12 October 2023 – ELITE, the Euronext ecosystem that European supports private companies by connecting them to skills, network and capital to drive their sustainable growth in the long-term today celebrates its flagship event: the ELITE DAY.

This years’ edition of the ELITE DAY, held in Milan at Palazzo Mezzanotte, will focus on the importance of shaping the access to capital for future generations of entrepreneurs and talents  with insightful panels and networking opportunities, bringing together entrepreneurs, top executives, and advisors.

The event features discussions, interviews and panels on the challenges faced by private small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), including access to new skills, new relationships and the capital they need for boosting their sustainable growth in an even more diverse and inclusive context at local, European and global level.

Inspiring CEO “Fireside Chats” with Andrea Pontremoli, CEO of Dallara; Massimo Mercati, CEO of Aboca, will delve into growth strategies in the real economy, paving the way forward for SMEs.

Insightful panels with key representatives from Pictet, FSI and Amundi will look into the ways of funding the next generation of entrepreneurs.

A dedicated panel with Farhana Kuddus, Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion; and Alessandro Zollo, CEO of Great Place to Work; will tackle the important issue of Diversity and Inclusion and how organisations can benefit from a greater focus on inclusion.

Andrea Montanino, Chief Economist and Director for Sectoral Strategies and Impact of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti; Giovanni Sandri, Head of Southern Europe of BlackRock; and Vincenzo Esposito, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Italia, will also offer their strategic view.

ELITE in numbers and across Europe
Since ELITE’s launch, more than 2.100 companies have been part of the ELITE network with an aggregate revenue of more than €150 billion, representing 34 sectors and employing over 500.000 people. ELITE has been a success story, providing concrete support to many private companies to accelerate their growth: close to €1 billion raised with direct support from ELITE for over 260 companies leveraging on the Basket Bond® model, 66 companies have been listed raising €3.8 billion, 187 companies issued 230 bonds raising €3.5 billion, and around 500 companies managed 1.500 M&A deals.

As part of Euronext since 2021, ELITE is fully aligned with the Group’s ambition to promote European Capital Markets and to support small and medium private companies finance their growth and it’s now focused on expanding its business in other Euronext countries as part of the “Growth for Impact 2024” Group’s strategic plan.

In July 2023 ELITE was officially launched in Portugal with a first group of Portuguese companies joining the programme. Further initiatives to expand across Europe include the first French-Italian Accelerator, launched in 2021 and followed by its second edition in 2023, the first joint programme between France and Italy to guide the growth of companies in both these markets. In the Netherlands, in 2022 ELITE and Euronext Amsterdam won the “One Single Hub” tender promoted by RVO, the Dutch government enterprises agency under the Minister of Economic Development and launched a multi-year programme focused on the aggregation or upscaling of proven successful initiatives in partnership with relevant local stakeholders, while introducing a successful SMEs growth programme.

Marta Testi, CEO of ELITE, said: “In a rapidly evolving world, the most powerful tool is the ability to change and to leverage on the capitals available: relationships, skills and funding to face and to win the challenges that we have in front of us, in any sector and in any business. Since its launched in 2012, ELITE has always been at the forefront in supporting ambitious businesses in their growing path through a wide range of tools and networking opportunities. Today represents a great chance to delve into new skills and capital needed in a fast changing environment having always in mind that the impact of what we’re doing now will be clear in its effects in the coming years.

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