25 Sep 19
25 Sep 19
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Flavio Allegretti's interview, Marketing Manager of Euroconsult, a consulting and operational firm offering rental services for Italian SME.

What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?

Resourcefulness and responsibility towards the resourcefulness itself. Let me explain better: the entrepreneur, by definition, is active and receptive. He or she is open, capable of surprising and be surprised, stopping when appropriate, carefully and systematically studying the elements on which a business is founded or will be founded; yet in the same way, he or she is capable of following an intuition, a vision, and is therefore capable of taking risks, which is different from being predisposed to do so.

The qualities mentioned above describe, from my point of view, the entrepreneurial attitude or "entrepreneurship". They are all qualities supported by resourcefulness: with respect to which one must be responsible, being aware of one's own attitudes and the ability to maximize their potential. At the same time a good entrepreneur cannot forget his or her limits: they must be lived and treated as a warning, so as not to venture into unknown terrain, and as a starting point to outline the path that will allow us to know, face and dominate those same unknown paths.

At Euroconsult I can observe and learn every day what I have just explained: the Company was born from an entrepreneurial idea and has grown to become a managed reality, structured and organized with a modern vision; however the imprinting and guidance of the entrepreneur articulates the flexible, visionary and enterprising attitude that each of the work-mates expresses through his or her work.

What is the biggest experience or lesson gained on your growth journey so far?

Experiences and lessons - if by "lessons" we allude to the infinite possibilities of learning from those who work every day with the goal of innovating and growing, protecting past efforts with a look to the future - I do practically learn something new every day. However, I must be sincere: in the last decade, I have learned the best lessons abroad. Above all in relation to the ability to establish synergies, collaborations. Competing in a healthy way means being aware that the organic growth of a business, of a market, can take place more quickly and productively if the actors that are part of it - as long as the competition is healthy and stimulating - try to go hand in hand and to work together, where possible, rather than concentrating on tripping the others: obstruction, or lack of relationship, are activities that disperse energy, remove lucidity, create confusion. In countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and also in the emerging markets of Central and Latin America - all places where I had the pleasure of spending time for professional commitments - the ability to make synergy in communication, in the macro-strategies of approaching a market, can make the fortune of an entire sector: then those who know how to distinguish, will earn the most important shares, and it is right to be so. I think of a metaphor so dear to our country, contemplated in the sport in which we have always distinguished ourselves: football (or soccer). A game played with strategy and determination, but also fairness and sportive spirit, gives value back to everyone: to those who play, to those who coach and to those whom watch the match as spectators. There will be winners and losers, as in any competition, but if the shared spirit focuses on the game and not (only) on the result, witt no doubt the whole background on which the game takes place will benefit from it.

How is your company (the company you work with and for) acting as a game changer in the landscape?

I connect with the previous question: thanks to the international breath and inspiration (even if in this moment the Company operates for choice in the Italian market only) and aware of the precious know-how that has built up over twenty years of experience, even more so in a very growing sector, Euroconsult stands out for its ability to face a professional challenge with a consultative attitude and a commercial approach, while its competitors have more a pure financial or banking approach. Renting goods, reducing the concept to minimum terms, means having the ability to carefully evaluate the suppliers of the goods and those who will enjoy their use, or the drivers/users: the end customers (in our case Companies or Professionals, as we are now a full b2b company). Most of the companies that deal with rentals make the aforementioned assessments excellently, through a meticulous analysis of creditworthiness. Euroconsult is not less "strict" in the analysis of the numbers but chooses to analyse with equal attention the value of the projects submitted to it. In other words, Euroconsult don't just look at the numbers but investigate the variables linked; with this attitude, we create and enter into synergy with our customers (whether they are suppliers of goods or drivers/users) and together we find, in many cases we build, good reasons to believe in the development of an activity. The synergy that we establish with our interlocutors, is made up of constant appointments that allow us to enter the heart and soul of the client companies: we visit the production plants, the locations linked to the world of retail, the creative and development units of start-ups, sales outlets, offices, shops, technological hubs ... We relate to those who manage business operations every day and with whom, at the top of organizations, make and take decisions: we believe that along with proactivity and the typical acceleration of these times, it is useful to return to establishing true and transparent relationships between professionals, women and men who are confronted on a plane where experiences, expertise and ethics produce an added value.

What Should Your Life Motto Be?

It is a motto that originates from classical Latin culture. It says: "Verba movent, exempla trahunt".

The best translation is: " Words move, examples attract ". Every day in the Company, my collaborators and I have the opportunity to listen to excellent advice from those who founded and run Euroconsult; what motivates us is that together with the verbal suggestions that we share in the meetings, we have the pleasure of observing how the words do not remain so, but are constantly accompanied by their practical application. I must say that it works: excellent words followed by excellent actions, can only generate successes.

What kind of ELITE entrepreneur do you want to be known as?

The Entrepreneurs who founded Euroconsult follow the Company as only fathers devoted to the growth of their children could do: sometimes with a silent yet present look, other times intervening personally and with charisma, in the guide to the great decisions to be made. The relationship with Elite has been entrusted to some managerial figures of the Company - including mine - and today we can say that we are benefiting both formally and substantially. It is an honour to be part of a prestigious network and a pleasure to participate in training seminars and discussion tables in which there is always a lot to give and receive. Let’s (re)start with this interview to ensure even more incisive participation in the dynamics of the Elite Network, starting from 2020.