06 Mar 24
  • Seventeen companies already joined ELITE in Portugal to accelerate their sustainable growth and access private and public capital markets
  • Successful launch of ELITE’s second cohort supported by our leading partners Deloitte and VdA.
  • Over 1500 companies and 200 partners in Europe part of the ELITE network.


Lisbon – 6 March 2024 – Euronext, the leading pan-European market infrastructure, welcomes the second group of Portuguese companies into ELITE, Euronext’s ecosystem dedicated to nurturing small and medium private enterprises in their path for sustainable long-term growth by connecting them to financial capital, knowledge capital and relational capital.

This newly inducted group comprises six companies from varied sectors including Health Care Equipment & Services, Technology, Food and Drug Retail, and Industrial Goods & Services generating over 200 million Euros in combined revenues and accounting for approximately 1.312 employees.

This step in expanding ELITE into Portugal marks a significant milestone, supported by Deloitte and VdA, leveraging a proven methodology tested across more than 2,200 companies worldwide. The collaboration extends to content and expertise provided by the NOVA Business School as academic partner.

These Portuguese companies embarking on their ELITE journey will undergo a meticulously structured program designed to aid businesses prepare structuring for their next phase of growth. Combining education, business support and mentoring, ELITE also connects business owners to vital sources of funding, be that through venture capital, private equity, an IPO or innovative Basket Bonds. These six Portuguese companies add to the eleven businesses from the country that joined ELITE in 2023, making Portugal home for our growing and vibrant ecosystem.

Marta Testi, CEO of ELITE, said: “We celebrate a pivotal milestone today as we welcome six new Portuguese companies into ELITE. This achievement reflects our commitment to empowering European small and medium-sized enterprises for sustainable growth. ELITE serves as a bridge, connecting companies with the knowledge, relationships, and funding necessary for their expansion. With the support of our partners, Deloitte and VdA, we continue to demonstrate the power of collective action in driving the growth of our real economy and supporting the success of our companies.

Carlos Caetano, Partner Deloitte, said: “Deloitte has had the privilege of standing alongside ELITE, a company within the Euronext group, since the beginning of its operations in Portugal. Driven by our purpose to create an impact that matters within the business community, we share the ambition to support SMEs in their growth journey and acquisition of new and distinctive competencies. This ecosystem has demonstrated unparalleled dynamism and ambition, showcased by both the leaders of the companies and partners involved, as well as by the leaders of ELITE.” 

Pedro Cassiano, Partner Responsible for the Banking & Financial area at VdA, said: “The ELITE Program enlarges horizons, forcing participating companies on how they may prepare themselves to grow, become International and institutionalize, making available contact and tools that prove rather helpful in such processes. This program is inspired in a program developed by the Milan Stock Exchange, having celebrated its 10th anniversary, and counting, corresponding certainly to a very useful support in the development and growth of many Italian companies. Do not be mistaken in think that it corresponds to an induction program for new Euronext Issuers, as it corresponds rather to a program to support the financial management of SMEs, aiming at helping participating companies to increase efficiency of their financial management, not necessarily through issuing and listing securities in organized markets. It is as well a great opportunity to meet and get to know other financial managers and to share experience with other SMEs engaging in many economic sectors and who face so many times similar problems.

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