23 May 24
What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
Entrepreneurship means putting all your resources and professional energy into an idea you believe in, gathering a group of high quality people, and focusing them all on achieving a common goal. To pursue an ambitious project, one must believe deeply and with great optimism in something that may not always be visible and is probably not entirely rational. Communicating and sharing a vision transforms the people one works with into entrepreneurs, who in turn have the same tenacity to develop the project, thus producing a virtuous circle than can sometimes lead to surprising results.
What are the values that distinguish BANOR SIM in its approach to SMEs?
Banor, as a business entity, has historically been close to entrepreneurs in order to understand and accommodate their needs. Building a financial heritage alongside one's own business requires a great deal of effort and just as much care is required to preserve and grow it so that it can be passed on to future generations. Hence Banor's drive to create a centre of excellence in financial consultancy and capital and asset management, with the aim of generating sustainable value for its clients through the protection and growth of assets, based on building a relationship of deep and mutual trust that will last over time.
At what point do companies benefit most from your support (business changes, new product/service launches, etc.)?
It is inevitable and inherent to the entrepreneurial spirit that the priorities of entrepreneurs are managing and growing their business, and that managing their financial assets is relegated to the background. Banor's clients are typically first- or second-generation entrepreneurs who feel the need to give more structure to the management of their financial assets. This may occur when new liquidity is generated at the family level (e.g. through the entry of a new investor, on the occasion of the redistribution of shares or in anticipation of a listing project), in conjunction with a generational transition or simply at a time of reflection on how to optimise asset management. The Banor Family Office's role as an independent advisor therefore offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a dialogue to review and reconsider their investment strategy.



Why is ELITE a distinctive network to be part of?
Banor recently joined the Elite network, which is distinguished both by its solid network of contacts and by the active participation of the companies involved in sharing their experiences and taking advantage of the opportunities offered to them by the system that’s been created. Fundamental prerequisites for the effective and efficient functioning of the system itself are the motivation of the members and also the well-organised coordination by a close-knit team. Banor is honoured to be part of this network of companies and entrepreneurs, to whom it is ready to provide a global network of investment opportunities and its own experience and expertise to make a tangible and lasting contribution.

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