04 Jul 24
What does "entrepreneurship" mean to you?
In the era of innovation and global competitiveness, entrepreneurship is a driving force in the economy, fueling growth, job creation and innovation.
From my perspective, the concept of "entrepreneurship" goes beyond the ability to create a company. It implies a mindset, a predisposition to seize opportunities and challenges, anticipate trends and innovate, and pursue a strategic vision with courage, determination and shrewdness.
To me, entrepreneurship is the art of turning challenges into opportunities, pursuing innovative ideas with creativity, resilience and courage despite obstacles and creating added value for oneself and society.
What is the most significant experience or lesson gained on your growth journey?
The most significant lesson was learning from mistakes and building on them.
The difficulties encountered and self-analysis concerning the failures experienced in previous entrepreneurial experiences in fields other than the current one were my springboard.
They have forced me to focus on weaknesses and strengths, think creatively with an innovative approach, and find alternative solutions, which I would otherwise never have considered, and led toward focusing on the professional field most in line with the expression of my full potential, thus finding the right way forward.
Thanks to this experiential background I launched Easylife, a Top player in short-term rental, whose continuous growth represents my daily "obsession".



How is your company acting as a game changer in the landscape?
Easylife stands for high professionalism and great care and attention to:
- the market trends, to intercept the new needs in the real estate and hospitality field and respond quickly with quality services, innovative and in compliance with the relevant regulations;
- the wishes of the many guests and apartment owners (almost 400 apartments in Milan and others in the main Italian cities of art, with an expansion also started in Switzerland and Lugano).

Thanks to Easylife, guests can benefit from locations of high design and comfort, distinguished in three lines of business, Easylife House, Luxury collection and Easylife suite, in the most iconic areas of the city and a wide range of additional services with high added value, thanks to the network of partnerships; apartment owners, maximize profits, resulting from the management at our charge of their short rental property, in an easy way, that is, free from any bureaucratic burden and worries and being able to monitor real-time the performance trend.
We have grown rapidly since 2016, ranking among the top players in the sector through prudent management, with strategic plans and gradual investments in organizational structure, especially in technology, automation, and marketing, which distinguish us from our competitors.
We have developed, in addition to a proprietary website, optimized to be performant for customer experience and search engine ranking, from which 20%-25% of direct bookings derive, resulting in efficiencies, also dedicated apps for owners and guests, which provide real-time updates on the apartment and details on expense management, and various marketing initiatives.
Finally, we also pay attention to sustainability aspects; we participate in the B-corp certification process.
What Should Your Life Motto Be
"Take the chance" is my personal and professional quote.
The most significant events in our lives often occur in brief moments.
We may find ourselves in the right place at the right time, meet extraordinary people under particular circumstances, or decide to change direction instantly.
Concerning this, I firmly believe in the importance of being able to seize the moment and take advantage of all the opportunities that life offers us without hesitation, with courage and determination.
From my perspective, this is the mindset necessary for success in life and the profession.
ELITE: The European network of private SMEs which accelerates the process of accessing private and public capital markets. Why should companies consider it as a game-changing opportunity?
I am convinced that entrepreneurship is not an individual activity but a flourishing phenomenon in a vibrant and sustaining ecosystem.
ELITE, in this sense, is an entrepreneurial ecosystem of excellence that, thanks to the services offered to support companies, including expert advice on governance and listing procedures, mentorship and training programs, events and marketing and networking initiatives, is a valuable support for SMEs.
This is an opportunity I would recommend as it concretely facilitates rapid and sustainable growth and access to private and public capital markets.
Accessing capital markets is crucial for business. It allows one to obtain financing that can be used for business development, investing in research and development and/or entering new markets.
Second, it increases the company's visibility and credibility, facilitating future funding and collaboration opportunities.
Finally, it provides an avenue for companies to reward their investors and employees through issuing shares or other forms of participation.
In conclusion, joining ELITE means being able to enjoy it all. ELITE is a vibrant ecosystem aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and stimulating economic growth.
Companies that consider this opportunity can benefit from concrete support in their growth journey and increased visibility and credibility in the marketplace.
Innovation is the driver of change, so being part of this ecosystem of excellence is vital in supporting entrepreneurial success.

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