28 Mar 24
What does "entrepreneurship" mean to you?
Primarily curiosity, passion, and courage. An entrepreneur is motivated by building new realities and learns to endure the risk that comes with it. The entrepreneurs cultivates a vision, invests himself to realize it, and inspires others. Ultimately, they are guided by the utopia of creating something positive for the world, although without an ethical vision, this may not always be the case. Thus, in leading a private and independent banking group like Sella, we intend to be entrepreneurs. With the same spirit, we want to support our clients entrepreneurs by sharing their risks, helping them realize transformative initiatives and growth with our culture, professionalism, and services, sharing our expertise and experiences with them.



What are the values that distinguish Sella Investment Banking in approaching SMEs?
Certainly, the spirit of service, risk-taking, addressing the needs and priorities of our clients, listening capability, and strategic vision. We manage to combine the flexible approach of a boutique with the strength of a banking group. We focus on extending competencies both internally within investment banking and in synergy with the rest of the Sella Group to deliver an offering that surpasses usual limits and supports small and medium enterprises. This is where the innovation of our offering lies, aiming to anticipate and respond to market dynamics with synergistic and complementary tools and solutions: from advisory to structured financing operations for acquisition projects and organic development, to venture capital. We focus on new technologies and aim to have an impact on our clients' sustainable transition. With an entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur approach, built on their specific needs and a very long-term vision, we aim to be a strategic partner capable of accompanying entrepreneurs in their transformation and growth projects.
When do companies benefit most from your support (company changes, launching new products/services, etc.)?
Investment banking solutions respond to needs related to moments of discontinuity and transformation. Generational transitions, for example, represent crucial moments in the life of companies and require care, financial resources, and targeted support. Similarly, opening up capital to industrial and financial partners to address growth and aggregation paths and the challenges of global markets, or listing projects on the stock exchange for capital raising and international visibility. Moments of technological discontinuity such as the ongoing digital and environmental transition and the dawn of the artificial intelligence revolution require even more than capital, a deep understanding of trends and agents of change, starting from the logic followed by financial markets that accompany any transformation. In all these situations, we stand by our clients to define the most appropriate strategic objectives and support them in their realization.



Why is ELITE a distinctive network to be a part of?
Sella believes in collaboration and sharing experiences and knowledge. ELITE has created a highly valuable ecosystem capable of creating a bond between professionals, financial operators, companies, and excellence entrepreneurs, pooling skills and experiences, along with tools designed to foster their development. ELITE companies share a common trait: vision and an attitude to change. Being able to rely on a financial and professional network and on the experience of companies that have already initiated or completed extraordinary finance operations makes the journey better and the destination closer.

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