29 Feb 24
What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
The concept of entrepreneurship, in my experience, can be summed up in three key aspects: creativity, vision and determination. The first aspect cannot be lacking in any entrepreneurial activity, regardless of the field of interest. The entrepreneur, from my point of view, must be able to find new perspectives, proving resilient to vary his strategy according to external stimuli and feedback. The second aspect I believe is particularly important for the implementation of new technologies applied to health. In the age of complexity, only a "top-down" view of all the factors involved in a process can at least give one a chance to find a new solution. The third aspect, determination, is essential in a path that is at times characterized by slowdowns, perhaps rejection. Moreover, the more ambitious the project, the more the results can be seen only in the long run. Therefore, passion and conviction for one's ideas and determination to pursue them cannot be lacking.
What is the biggest experience or lesson gained on your growth journey so far?
The most significant lesson I have acquired on my journey is the importance of sharing. I absolutely do not believe in stories made by a single face. While the presence of a clear strategic direction and a constant reference is essential, I believe, however, that a crucial aspect is the establishment of a close-knit team that is passionate about the founding ideas of the company: people who share the same values and aspire with the same passion to the success of the project.
How is your company acting as a game changer in the landscape?
Salute360 is the dedicated health services platform for an accessible, effective and comprehensive care experience. Home Medication, Sports and Health Professionals, all in one. The two aspects that set us apart are our constant focus on patient and professional and our values. Our solution brings the patient to the center, leveraging technology and innovation to redesign a complete pathway from prevention to treatment. Professionals find in Salute360 an ecosystem that emphasizes their education and skills, facilitating access to the services they offer without sacrificing immediacy and legality. In addition, we are distinguished by our focus on health outreach and digital literacy so that patients and professionals truly have the tools to benefit from the opportunities offered by digital health.
What Should Your Life Motto Be?
Always try in life and work to remember the legacy of the great philosopher Kant: "Der bestirnte Himmel über mir, und das moralische Gesetz in mir" (the starry sky above me, the moral law in me). Choices distinguish one's life. Unfortunately, in this society an ethical choice does not always pay off in the immediate term, but from my short experience I can say that in the long run it always pays off.
ELITE: the European network of private SMEs which accelerates the process to access private and public capital markets. Why it can be the game changing opportunity companies should consider?
Based on the Socratic motto "I know that I do not know" entrepreneurial life should be distinguished. For this reason, a positive learning and confrontation experience such as Elite can be of great interest to companies and entrepreneurs of little or great experience. For us, it was an opportunity to reflect, through the competent voices of many university professors involved during the course, on some business processes and many aspects related to the development of Salute360.

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