06 Aug 20
06 Aug 20
Inspiring stories Flash Battery ELITE interview to Marco Righi, CEO and Founder – Flash Battery
What does "entrepreneurship" mean to you?
I see entrepreneurship as the ability to continuously evolve without ever thinking you have arrived. I have been working as an entrepreneur for about 10 years now and what always followed me throughout this path has been “change”. 
If I think about the model of entrepreneur I wanted to be when I started this business and I compare it to the current vision, I realize that they are very different. 
Business developments (size, structure, and market) require different skills and competences from year to year. Entrepreneurship is the ability to adapt, persevere and succeed in achieving a result by continuously facing new challenges. 
What was the most significant experience or lesson you acquired during your career?
I learned as a boy to start from scratch, following a dream. 
All through my adolescence, I always thought I already knew my future, which was to take over the family business.
But that didn't happen. When it came time to pass the baton, my father decided to sell the company, leaving me with a handful of broken dreams.
After the first period in which anger was the dominant feeling, I got myself busy, by first installing alarm systems and then working as a salesman for a consulting agency, until I found my way and started investing all my time in what I now love. 
I couldn't let myself down and I didn't want to give up on my goal: to create my own company.
I've always liked the business world, maybe because I was born into it, and I've always been fascinated by being able to create something from nothing.
Also the people I chose to follow this path with are fundamental, as “company” doesn't just mean business to me, but it also means being surrounded by people who believe in what they do as much as I do, not just simple co-workers.
How does your company stand out in the competitive landscape?
Flash Battery produces lithium batteries for the industrial market, especially for industrial machines and electric vehicles. This focus has been our strength, as it has presented us to the target market in a different way than other market players. 
We were born in a garage, like many other start-ups and for several years we studied and tested our innovative technology: we had to understand how to improve it to make batteries safe and reliable. Thanks to the skills acquired in the family business, our approach has been industrial right from the very beginning. We committed ourselves to develop internally all the necessary skills we needed to produce most of the strategic components. This allowed us to meet market needs in a responsive way.
What is your personal and professional motto?
I don't have a real motto, but I can tell you that I've always put passion into the things I do. The two guidelines that led me here are passion in what I do and the fact of never give myself excuses. Even in case of failures or unsatisfactory results I have always wondered which actions to take in order to improve and to avoid the same mistakes.
What kind of entrepreneur do you represent within the ELITE network?
I am a young entrepreneur, I was not even 25 when we started it up in my garage. A little more than 10 years have passed since that time: there is so much to do, and we still have big dreams to realize.