22 Jul 20
22 Jul 20
Inspiring stories Studio ST ELITE interview to Andrea Stefani and Eugenio Tebaldi, founder Studio ST Sviluppo.

What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
Being an entrepreneur means having a clear awareness of the fundamental aim of corporate organizations: the constant search for well-being and lasting development of the company. Being entrepreneurs therefore means striving to build an organization (made up of people, processes, assets, tools) that can survive the one who founded it. The companies that want to be considered as real companies of excellence (and therefore not entities that speculate in the short term) must have the ability to build a competitive advantage that is renewed over time, with a constant long-term vision. They are realities in which strategy is supreme, guiding all the decisions that are made day by day. The proof is evident by studying the companies that best face and overcome the moments of general crisis: the financial one of 2008 and the current one in the Covid-19 era just to give a couple of examples; well, these companies all possess the characteristic trait of resilience and, among other elements, all express resilience, above all with strong and structured long-term background guidelines (through adequate planning and control processes, for example). The entrepreneur is therefore not only the subject who, inspired by "animal spirits", has the idea and courage to found a company (and therefore "undertakes"), but also the one who has the will to put it in a position to thrive in the long run, perhaps with the constant tension on the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.

What are the values that distinguish Studio ST in the SME approach?
Studio ST's mission is summarized by its payoff: we create development
It is more and more evident that the companies that will succeed, whereby success we mean a harmonious and lasting development, will be those that will know how to plan their future. It is an evident reality for all and has always been "preached" by corporate literature, but often ignored by Italian companies. If old business models were based mostly on intuition and experience, the new challenges issued by the markets require changes of mode: it is vital to know where to go, how to go and, above all, why you go there! The companies that will be successful will be those that will be able to "see" their future and be the creators of their destiny" as much as possible.
Studio ST's role is to "create development" for companies and such development is achieved through strategy, marketing and control processes, with extreme attention to environmental and social issues.
What are the moments in which companies benefit most from your support (business changes, new product/service launches, ...)? And what are the most common resistance and difficulties you encounter?
We work alongside companies to help them grow, develop harmoniously
We speak of development and not of growth, because we are convinced that the only dimensional growth (becoming bigger) is not enough for companies. Conversely, it is necessary that they develop (as a person does) harmoniously in all its components and do it in a sustainable way, also towards the environment that surrounds them. We do not care that companies make the most of today, but that they are thrive even in many years.
For us it is a matter of facing consultancy with a different approach, focusing on people, their values, their potential to aim for excellence. To improve the way of working, the working life of individuals and, consequently, the general well-being of the company.
The companies that find the greatest benefits from the collaboration with Studio ST, are therefore those that share the same values and have the will to undertake a development path, with reference to:
• strategy to plan the future of the company.
• marketing to make it present on the market.
• control to determine behavior.
• sustainability for stakeholder empowerment, corporate governance and its reputation.
The "difficulties" are related to the word culture: our interventions are on the one hand technical (planning, marketing, control methodologies and tools) but on the other hand strongly oriented towards work on organizational culture. The greatest difficulties are therefore deriving from the (natural) resistance to change, that is why we always ask for a strong commitment from top management.
Why is ELITE a distinctive network to be part of?
ELITE is a distinctive network because it combines the best skills and the best experiences both from the side of companies and from that of "consulting firms". Therefore, there is the awareness of being always in contact with the most virtuous companies and consultancy realities. The sense of network is then expressed to its maximum power: opportunities (including business) and the circulation of ideas and information in a constant exchange between the subjects are part of it.