16 Nov 20
16 Nov 20
Inspiring story Elettronica Aster ELITE interview to Dario Di Capua | Executive Vice President at Elettronica Aster 
What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
Entrepreneurship is a term that implies a profound theme that could be summed up by one word: path. The life of an entrepreneur, of his company and its components, is characterized by a dynamic progression that must necessarily present itself in an evolutionary key to achieving success; the success of a complex mechanism such as the whole formed by the entrepreneur, the company, and the team that composes it, can often be measured with the value expressed by growth. In my opinion, the measure of success must necessarily be measured, not only by its effectiveness (growth) but also by its efficiency (return on investment), as only an efficient investment has the possibility of maintaining its value over time. Thus, remunerating shareholders and meeting the needs that the business system requires for its continuity, constitute investments that allow the enterprise to be renewed over time and hence to last over the long term. All this passes through two critical factors on which every entrepreneur must aim: MISSION and GOVERNANCE. These elements allow the enterprise to have a clear vision of the short, medium, and long-term objectives as well as the ways to achieve them and the control mechanisms to verify them.
What is the biggest experience or lesson gained on your growth journey so far?
The life of a complex reality, such as the company and therefore the entrepreneur closely linked to it, is characterized by alternating phases that recur with a cyclical trend that is not always predictable; for this reason, it is necessary to acquire more and more advanced notions on the concept of “risk management”. Only through correct analysis of the possible future scenarios, it is possible to management strategies that allow mitigating the adverse effects of the potential risks that every company must face during its existence. Every time we found ourselves unprepared to confront a new situation, a “disruption” generated and led to a series of negative impacts. The most relevant lesson is hence such of enabling the System to act and react to external events with competence deriving from the knowledge of the future implications of possible scenarios: a careful analysis of the potential future ramifications of strategic choices is thus necessary.
How is your company acting as a game-changer in the landscape?
The characterizing element of our business reality can sum up in the concept of diversification; at the time, a strategic choice was made aimed at the realization of a company project that would implement the logic of the "ONE STOP SHOP" for the customer: an interlocutor where the customer could find a professional response, adequate to their technological needs, both in the field planning and realization. According to this assumption, the process of structural growth of the company is taking place through a process of industrial aggregation with organizations that, even in the same product and production sector, can complete the product portfolio offered to the market.
What Should Your Life Motto Be?
GROW AND CONSOLIDATES. Every process of growth and development is in vain if not carried out on a concrete and lasting basis. In the company, we successfully approached the LEAN MANUFACTURING method some time ago, which is based, among other things, on the mechanism that provides for a gradual, constant but above all solid evolution for continuous improvement.
What kind of ELITE entrepreneur do you want to be known as?
I believe I belong to the type of entrepreneur hungry for growth in cultural terms: in fact, the company is currently undergoing a process of evolution that leads the entrepreneur-manager towards the entrepreneur-shareholder, achieved through a process of governance. The figure of the entrepreneur supervises and participates in the definition of the most relevant strategic aspects but leaves the necessary space for specialist technicians, within the organization, for the best management of business issues.