24 Jul 23

1. What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
Entrepreneurship requires the ability to assess and manage risks proactively: it needs specific and fundamental skills such as strategic vision, leadership, perseverance and resource management skills. 

2. How is Bignami Associati acting as a game changer in the SMEs landscape?
Bignami Associati assists SMEs with a range of services supported by multi-disciplinary teams, thus capable of modulating the offer according to the clients' changing needs until the result is achieved. We anticipate, direct innovation, and govern change. We aim to create sustainable value with attention to all our stakeholders. We always act with integrity, transparency and fairness. 

3. What are the key moments when companies gain the most from your support and expertise?  
Our support, which starts at the top, is aimed at making companies more solid and performant, supporting them in all the stages of their life, starting from the moments when a discontinuity is needed, a new approach to strategic thinking, improving governance to create more value, setting up and managing the generational transition at the top. Our strategy is to fully understand our client's needs, to help them always look ahead, working to intercept market trends well in advance while respecting the environment and the interests of key stakeholders.   

4. Why do you think ELITE is a good network to be part of?
Because ELITE is an innovative platform that helps companies accelerate their growth, and this is precisely our goal: to connect with companies and organisations, sharing with them resources, information, training and expertise to achieve challenging goals. ELITE selects high-quality companies and partners and therefore means being recognised for this, being able further to consolidate visibility, reputation and trust in our brand. 

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