30 Apr 21
30 Apr 21
Inspiring story Bob Earth ELITE interview to Linzi Boyd | Founder of BoB Earth
1) What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
Entrepreneurship means to me, being a business leader that will lead us into a new era of change. Someone who can be agile and embrace a 21st Century business model, leading with purpose and creating positive impact in the world.


2) How is Bob Earth acting as a game changer in the SMEs landscape?
The world is going through the biggest changes in society since World War II. Consumer sentiment is completely different from what it was known as. 
With the double whammy of the Economy and the Pandemic, which was followed almost immediately by lockdown. The consequence has fiercely divided opinions. Beliefs and behaviours are polarised based on societal and economic circumstances. 
The rulebook of how to build, grow and manage our small businesses has been ripped up, and yet these SME’s are the engine room to every economy. We believe they need support to innovate their businesses into 21st Century thinking. They need to learn to campaign together to bring customers together. Adapt to new expectations and demands of customers and most importantly lead with a human response and not a business response. 
The only way through a major crisis is for brands to come together, act and be seen as leaders. They need to Campaign together and Unite on Purpose to demonstrate Unity.
BoB Earth has supported over 5,300 businesses globally in the BoB Business School to transition from a 20th Century business model to a 21st Century business model, leading industries. 
When the pandemic hit BoB Earth had over 2,000 businesses that came onto the platform, connecting all the businesseses with purpose. They all learnt together to grow in online classrooms, remodelling their businesses over and building business, industry and societal communities on the Earth. They all began to campaign together and unite on each one of their industry market needs and this was the game changer, as we saw it!
BoB Earth is a campaigning platform for good, that connects business to unite, learn to grow and trade to create impact


3) What are the key moments when companies gain the most from your support and expertise? and What challenges and opportunities have you encountered so far in supporting companies in their growth journey?
When people really crack their business model and connect in with their business and their purpose and how they are going to scale. When they find what the asset is that will increase the value and that lightbulb moment, of when they fall back in love with their business again.. 
Also the ability to connect in with a like minded community that are all aligned on purpose and they can come together and campaign together then they feel like they are on a journey and part of something – a revolution. 
My biggest piece of advice to entrepreneurs is to ensure that you don’t just build your business off commercials and making money, that's not what's going to keep getting you out of bed in the morning. You have to build it off a purpose and what you want to be known for, then stick to that vision and never give up.


4) Why do you think ELITE is a good network to be part of?
ELITE is a brilliant brand and credible in the market place. The calibre of businesses that come through the program are exceptional. Scale up and high growth, looking to IPO or expand Internationally. The people that work at ELITE are very warm and open and collaborate which makes it a gorgeous experience to be part of.