04 Mar 22
04 Mar 22
Interview to Gianluca Tacchella, CEO Carrera Jeans It is important not only to understand that there are new standards but also which are the tools and skills that entrepreneurs and SMEs can ...

1.What does "entrepreneurship" mean to you?
Entrepreneurship means the ability to find / create opportunities, in every area, especially in an uncertain context. I feel it is more linked to a mission than to a professional capacity. A mission that aims to create a benefit for THE community to strive for a better world, to give more opportunities even to the less fortunate people. I consider it much more linked to a concept of service than of business. I believe that whoever has a talent to spend has a duty to make it available to the community.

2. What is the biggest experience or lesson gained on your growth journey so far?
I was lucky enough to experience a long-lasting corporate history, 57 years. Initially as the son of an entrepreneur, then as an employee and finally as a CEO. Carrera has made an incredible journey, initially as a large company with many plants in Italy, then the divestments and relocation abroad, then the commercial revolution with the entry of international retailing groups, of the department stores, ecommerce. Carrera had to reset production and commercial models several times. The company went through all these events, with practically the same products and almost with the same people. From these experiences I learned two things: the importance of continuity in doing things and respect for the entire supply chain (supplier, customers, financial system, shareholders, employees).
It is true that the final customer is the king, he is the one who makes our salary, but I can assure you that good suppliers, employees who do not give up, partners who work in harmony, banks that support you are no less important.
Another lesson I have learned is that time in business is different form our hectic time.
3. How does Carrera Jeans stand out in the competitive landscape?
Carrera is unique in many things. For the history, 57 years, for the notoriety of the brand, for the market share (market leader with almost 10% share in men's trousers, for 50 years now), for the loyalty of its customers (consumers are men but buyers are mainly the women), for to the fact of having a production chain totally integrated in the trousers certified with Block-Chain, for a real multi-channel distribution (we sell our products in many different non-apparel chains such as Pittarosso, Autogrill, Bricoio, Petshop, Happycasa, etc), for the innovative products (ex: legg-jeans with Aloe Vera treatment), for the perceived value of the product (high quality at a fair price), for the care in controlling the sizes of each product that makes it purchasable anywhere, for the logistic and visual merchandiser service we give to large-scale retailing customers, for the historical ability to adapt to adverse or complicated situations (during Covid time, where we started making cotton masks).
4. What is your personal and professional motto?
I've never thought about it, I don't have one in particular. I like to be a little bit unpredictable and also a chameleon. I have a job that I like and enjoy and many collaborators with whom I like to spend the days. I don't need much else.
If you had to think of one: be honest, straightforward and get straight to the point.
5. ELITE: the private market and network that creates value for companies, market operators, the real economy. Why is it an opportunity that other companies must consider?
Companies operate in increasingly interconnected and complex markets where the big players continually raise the bar of competition and accustom consumers to new standards that everyone, must try to strive for.
It is therefore important not only to understand that there are new standards but also which are the tools and skills that entrepreneurs and SMEs can use to achieve them. With this premises, the ELITE program becomes very important.

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