23 Jun 22
23 Jun 22
Interview to Emanuele Rissone, Founder Forever Bambù Interview to Emanuele Rissone, Founder Forever Bambù
 1.What does "entrepreneurship" mean to you? 
I was born with an entrepreneur's DNA: everyone has their own talent and vision and I am at ease in bringing new creatures to life. My creatures, like Forever Bamboo, have a common root: the desire to create something that has the possibility of potentially unlimited expansion. 
Entrepreneurship for me means giving life to what was not there in order to create a real and tangible added value for the founders and all employees, leading to more and more jobs and wealth for the economics spinoff as well.

 2. What is the biggest experience or lesson gained on your growth journey so far? 
There was so much information sought and received, so many lessons learnt, especially on the development of the form of governance. The one, however, that resonated most like a diapason was the attention the interviewees devoted on the assumption that companies can grow if they aim for medium and long-term sustainability. A fil rouge, one that is capable of sustaining the company over time, is something that in my mind translates into great confidence in the future for society as a whole and for the wealth that it generates for individuals and their families.

 3. How does Forever Bambù stand out in the competitive landscape? 
We are the only company that really creates from scratch new forests in Italy and certifies them for CO2 absorption: so we design and create new bamboo forests in Italy, bamboo forests that did not exist, I want to make that clear, and only on Italian soil. We are the only ones doing this.

 4. What is your personal and professional motto? 
Getting everyone to take the first step towards sustainability. If we all really do it, we win. My fear in recent years is that this new awareness of caring for the environment will grow in vain. Everyone talks about it, but how many have actually started to act? I close with our claim: Forever Bamboo, the breath of the planet.

 5. ELITE: the private market and network that creates value for companies, market operators, the real economy. Why is it an opportunity that other companies must consider? 
"ELITE is valuable in its ability to help companies to take a broader view, providing all neccesaries tools to launch in Italy and abroad our great Made in Italy".