17 Feb 22
17 Feb 22
Interview to Fabio Nalucci, CEO & Founder GELLIFY ELITE has built the most important Italian companies network that wants to undertake a strategy of growth, development and innovation, this ...
1) What entrepreneurship means to you
Entrepreneurship for GELLIFY means changing the paradigm of how the supply side - i.e. providers of professional services of digital transformation and innovation consulting together with providers of enabling software technologies - supports the demand side, i.e. companies, be they large corporations or SME (Small and Medium Entreprises) typical of the Italian economic environment. 
Ours are times of strong transformation that touches all areas of companies: from the operations’ changes with the introduction of new digital enablers to the disruption of business models that evolve or that are placed side by side with the traditional ones. 
In this context there aren’t clear boundaries between customer and supplier, between plant and finance and between "employees" and entrepreneurs. It is necessary to define a new concept of widespread entrepreneurship that involves all actors and makes them cooperate according to new models of remuneration, new models of companies’ value increase and collective welfare ‘s growth.
GELLIFY plays in this context by supporting a widespread entrepreneurship that manifests itself with new offerings to support companies market success and to produce future value thanks to the construction of the new generation of digital entrepreneurs.
2) What are the values that distinguish GELLIFY?
GELLIFY carries out its activities on a value based framework shared with the whole team and designed with their essential contribution. We consider team involvement a key point of GELLIFY's success as an active and participatory part of the company. Our engagement relies on fundamental values such as: concreteness, strategic focus, teamwork and passion. 
GELLIFY promotes and rewards the initiative combined with the obsession for results, enhancing and supporting a "startup mindset" as it is agile and creative in the continuous search for "new ways" to inspire and drive partners and customers in their roadmap towards innovation.

Fabio Nalucci, CEO & Founder Gellify

3) What are the moments when companies benefit most from your support? And what are the most common resistances and difficulties you encounter?
We have been talking about Industry 4.0 for more than 7 years: companies, thanks to the stimuli and investments in research and development and technological innovation promoted by the Government, have spent many resources in factories’ modernization with sensors, machineries’ connection, new production technologies. 
GELLFY supports companies to take full advantage of these important investments. According to GELLIFY, supporting innovation means improving working conditions, creating new business models, increasing plants’ productivity and improving products’ quality. We do this in all sectors of our economy, with a team of over 200 professionals ranging from strategic consulting to digital transformation, software factory, open innovation, and with a portfolio of over 50 startups that are true enablers of innovation for our clients. Only with its end to end approach to innovation like the one GELLIFY is able to bring to the market it is possible to overcome the resistance to change that is a common trait of any company facing a real digital revolution, made even more urgent by the difficult years of the pandemic.   
4) Why is ELITE a distinctive network to be a part of?
ELITE has built the most important Italian companies network that wants to undertake a strategy of growth, development and innovation, this also thanks to an approach that includes a path to the capital market. It is therefore the ideal meeting place for a company like GELLIFY that has the mission to make innovation replicable and scalable for all Italian companies, giving a tangible contribution to the global Italian competitiveness