14 Jan 21
14 Jan 21
Inspiring story K&L Gates Italy ELITE interview to Giampaolo Salsi, Managing Partner & Arturo Meglio, Partner at K&L Gates Italy
1) What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
It means vision, sense of belonging to a community and the ability to take risks to achieve complex and ambitious goals. 
2) What are the values that distinguish K&L Gates in the SME approach?
Although our Firm has a very articulated structure that, like many other Anglo-Saxon firms, focuses also on big players, we still manage to maintain a considerable flexibility in providing assistance to less structured realities but still with great margins for growth. In other words, we enjoy investing together with our clients. We consider this approach very important especially for the Italian market which is in general still very fragmented and mainly composed of SMEs with great development prospects.
3) What are the moments in which companies benefit most from your support (business changes, new product/service launches, ...)? And what are the most common resistance and difficulties you encounter?
Our firm is designed to give support to customers both in the ordinary and extraordinary needs of every company's life. With this approach, our proximity to the customer is daily or almost daily. It being understood that it is of pivotal imporance for us to act perfectly aligned with our clients, it often happens that suggestions - that for various reasons entail a substantial change in the company structure, in the governance and, in general, in the consolidated corporate status quo - may generate some resistance, thus requiring a greater sharing of issues and reasoning, even on a strategic level. After all, these are certainly the projects on which we have greater professional satisfaction and which allow us to build a more solid and long-lasting service relationship with our clients: we believe that our role is and should increasingly be, from a prospective point of view, that of strategic partners for the growth of the company and not that of mere consultants.  
4) Why is ELITE a distinctive network to be part of?
The path that all ELITE companies take is managed with professionalism and dedication by ELITE and its partners. At the end of the two years program, companies have had the opportunity to have the support and experience of established advisors and a network of knowledge from which each company can draw inspirations and benefits. Clearly, the "ELITE" mark, being awarded at the end of the course mentioned above, is a guarantee of being in front of an extremely virtuous company, a very relevant factor also from the point of view of all those who interface with such player in various ways in the business world.
5) Which is the most qualifying aspect of you firm in supporting corporations such as those part of the ELITE program?
Certainly the American matrix of our Firm is a distinctive feature. Moreover, unlike many other firms, our presence in the USA is not limited to traditional financial centers but, on the contrary, is rooted in many areas of the country such as Texas, Mid-West, Carolinas, Washington State and others which, although less known than the larger financial centers, are nevertheless characterized by important business communities and offer enormous opportunities for Italian companies interested in expanding in the USA. Despite such international nature of our Firm, the Italian office is structured in such a way as to be a one-stop-shop also for the purely domestic needs of our clients and this in relation to both extraordinary transactions and the daily and ordinary transactions of companies.

Giampaolo Salsi | Managing Partner K&L Gates Italy  

Arturo Meglio | Partner K&L Gates Italy