16 Nov 21
16 Nov 21
Inspiring story Mach Power Italy S.r.l. Interview to Sergio Costantino | President at Mach Power Italy S.r.l.
1.What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
It is a mission, in part a conscious choice, but in other ways a challenge, to give everything to obtain satisfaction and to compare myself as best I can with the world.
Of course I would be lying if I said not to take profit into account, but in its highest meaning understood as a means to improve man's life.


2. What is the biggest experience or lesson gained on your growth journey so far? 
 I believe that among my most significant experiences there is the governance of the company in the storm of the markets generated by the pandemic, in the space of a few weeks with the help of my collaborators we have defined epochal choices for our business, effectively launching new channels and new product lines, uncovering unexplored resources of skills, competencies and resilience in our organization.

 3. How is your company acting as a game changer in the landscape? 
The main distinctive elements are many, first of all the level of customer service that for our culture we always want to keep very high and which is expressed online with our website www.machpower.it, our time to ma rket we always try to anticipate consumer demand trends above all by punctually following innovation and standardization.

 4. What Should Your Life Motto Be?   
Do not be afraid and never be influenced by those who emphasize only the aspects of uncertainty and difficulty that a business or life itself reserves.

5. ELITE: the private market supporting companies, market players and the real economy. What’s your experience as ELITE member and why can be the game changing opportunity companies should consider? 
Becoming an ELITE company means growing with new skills, improving business opportunities, having timely access to alternative sources of financing to intensify growth and using the comparison with other partners to give value to your organization.