21 Jul 21
21 Jul 21
Inspiring Story REPLY CONSULTING Interview to Silvia Passoni, CEO Reply Consulting
1)What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
Entrepreneurship means understanding markets and clients’ needs, creating a vision, a plan and a offer that can satisfy them. It is also essential to be able to adapt to a landscape undergoing continuous changes, from digital transformation to social and environmental topics. The entrepreneur must also be able to select right talents and make them grow, make them curious, skilled and committed, able to lead and support both clients and the organisation to embrace necessary changes to work in markets, which are more and more competitive, generating value through time.

2) How is Reply acting as a game changer in the SMEs landscape?
REPLY CONSULTING, composed of professionals with a solid and proven track record in Business Consulting & Digital Transformation, is a company part of Reply Group; it works in a context based on innovation, excellence and specialisation. REPLY CONSULTING plays a role of integration and coordination between the functional side and the technological one, combining the strategic vision and the comprehension of key processes thanks to more than 9.000 skilled resources in the Group. Our ability to work with the client from strategy definition to action plan, alongside with distinctive capabilities of innovating, using new technologies and the focus on results and pragmatism, represents the key factor in REPLY CONSULTING approach to SMEs.   

3) What are the key moments when companies gain the most from your support and expertise? And what challenges and opportunities have you encountered so far in supporting companies in their growth journey? 
Companies takes most advantage of our support in periods of fast growth, such as IPO, internationalisation and financial operations. REPLY CONSULTING offers IPO services, a sector where we have a solid track record with more than 110 operation closed since 2004, advisory services concerning planning and control, business model, digital transformation and the definition of actions a company needs to plan in order to reach their goals. One of the biggest challenges we face with our clients is the IPO process, because it is a combination of multiple and extraordinary processes, where many players are involved, and typically it has a very fast pace. The entire BU of Administration, Financing and Control is impacted by the success of this operation. Nonetheless we believe that our strong knowledge of IPO processes, the management of the relation with all the players involved is a key-strength, which enables us to reduce the direct work of Clients’ human resources, especially in the most critical moments.

4) Why do you think ELITE is a good network to be part of?  
ELITE supports excellent SMEs in their growth projects and dimensional, organisation and cultural development, thanks to a programme of trainings and tutoring, sharing skills and experience, and facilitating access to finance, connecting companies with capital markets. For REPLY CONSULTING being part of ELITE Network means being in constant contact with an increasing number of valuable companies, which are encouraged to align themselves to standards and best practices, which are typical of leader corporates. REPLY CONSULTING aims to be Trusted Business Advisor for ELITE companies, for all the topics concerning control management, internal control management and risk management. Moreover REPLY CONSULTING maximises their experience in ELITE network of partners by participating to training sessions and promoting ideas contamination, sharing information with other members of the network.