27 Nov 20
27 Nov 20
Inspiring story Strategia & Sviluppo Consultants ELITE interview to Fabrizio Zucca | Chairman of Strategia & Sviluppo Consultants
Why is ELITE a distinctive network to be part of?
Being an entrepreneur today means being aware of your economic and social leadership role in the value creation process. The entrepreneur has the task of interpreting his time and having a vision of the future of the impact of his business both on the surrounding environment and on a global level. The speed with which the world moves no longer leaves room for improvisation or living on income. It is increasingly necessary to have planning skills and a willingness to innovate continuously to maintain the competitive advantage created. Social and environmental responsibility is an integral part of the entrepreneur's role. A company is not created and managed for the sole purpose of generating a profit but to create widespread value for all stakeholders and it is therefore necessary to know them and know how they are influenced by the action of your company.
 What are the values that distinguish SSC in the SME approach? 
SSC is a consulting firm in some ways atypical. It was born and has maintained in its over ten years of activity a strong international vocation and a holistic vision of the company that it maintains in all the projects that it follows. Even in cases where the project is not international in nature, the experience developed by the partners in other contexts allows a broader vision because it takes into account not only the practices commonly used at the local level but also those developed in more and less evolved environments and reflects on the strategies we subsequently implement. The boutique dimension allows you to realize projects tailored to the customer, highlighting the unique characteristics that a company, made up of people, has developed throughout its history and aiming to use them as an asset from which to start to achieve success. No project is the same as the other. In addition, having built and invested in our branches in Italy and abroad over time, we are also entrepreneurs and are able to tune in better to the needs of our customers, whether they are SMEs or large companies.
What are the moments in which companies benefit most from your support (business changes, new product/service launches, ...)? And what are the most common resistance and difficulties you encounter? 
Our approach is multidisciplinary and holistic and, as I mentioned previously, always maintains an overall view of the sector in which the client company operates. Our support reaches its maximum value and effectiveness when the decision has been made within the company to change how to position itself on the market and when you begin to perceive the need to locate in a stable manner even in foreign markets. If there is no real desire for investment and change, our project will hardly be successful. Surely one of the factors that distinguishes us is also that of not limiting ourselves to designing a strategy but also following its implementation step by step always alongside the customer. The added value deriving from the support of SSC is the one that sees the company becoming aware of its own strengths (resources that it did not think it had, opportunities that it did not see, but perhaps already had them there) and of its own criticalities (typically an exposure to unforeseen risks, an evolution of the market that accelerates the obsolescence of means and products, a well-established successful strategy that is no longer relevant, a knowledge of the competition stuck in the past). In essence, SSC helps the entrepreneur understand if the direction he is going is compatible with resources, objectives, intrinsic risks, know-how, technology, demand. How? By carrying out an analysis without hesitation and putting the result in front of the market and its trends.
I would not speak of resistance: it is difficult for a customer to call us if he does not have the concrete intention of implementing a project. The difficulties are more often linked to the full understanding of the impact this brings within the organization. In other words, it sometimes happens that in the initial phase the entrepreneur has considered only some aspects of the strategy and that he has not fully assessed the impact of the implementation on the whole company structure but, on the other hand, only partial implementation is not possible for achieving the set objectives. For this reason, in the assessment phase we aim to develop a shared vision of how a project should be developed together with the client: this avoids the creation of divergencies of views in the implementation phase that could jeopardize the success of the intervention.
 Why is ELITE a distinctive network to be part of? 
ELITE has developed a platform that allows companies that have embarked on a growth strategy based on the opening of capital and therefore the involvement of new stakeholders to challenge themselves and confront them. Not only that, through the training program it creates in managers and entrepreneurs the awareness that the boundaries of their work are not the four walls that surround the backyard but go much further. This aspect, together with the possibility of comparison and meeting with partners and investors, can create the most favorable conditions to favor solid and conscious growth. I also believe that our team, our international presence and our multidisciplinary skills inserted in this fertile context can generate a high value for the companies that participate in the ELITE program, above all because despite everything we remain a small company with a business model and a vision that suits them well.