15 Jul 22
15 Jul 22
Interview to Sergio Romerio, CFO Pegasus
1.What does “entrepreneurship” mean according to you?
I am not an entrepreneur, but from the experience I have gained from working with many of them, for me it means a clear vision of your business and what you want to achieve in the long-term, as well as a willingness to take the right risks.
2.What was the most important experience or lesson you learnt over time?
That you need to seize the day, opportunities do not always turn up twice, and firms constantly have to follow the path of growth when they have the chance to do so.

3.How does Pegasus stand out in the competitive landscape?
In many ways, but in particular:
•The people working for Pegasus at all levels have a unique approach which is really a tangible added value.
•The products developed by Pegasus always have an international scope and speak a universal and never trite language.
•There is a network of relationships with the most important players of the industry, also at an international level. 
4.What’s your personal and professional motto?
“Unity is strength”. I firmly believe that Pegasus’ success depends on its ability to have a great team working together for the same objectives. ELITE represents Pegasus. At a wider level, ELITE, as a network of excellent SMEs, best expresses this concept.
5.ELITE: the private market and network that creates value for businesses, market participants, the real economy. Why is it an opportunity that other businesses must consider?
The know-how and the possibility of networking with other excellent businesses is an experience that will help us change our corporate culture and organization for the better. ELITE will provide us with the right tools to further improve our growth and be more competitive in the market.