16 Feb 23
1.What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
When I was offered to start my own business in my twenties, I didn't think twice. I followed my instinct. I was looking for independence and new opportunities. That's how my experience as an entrepreneur started, and it hasn't stopped since then: I always try to learn from my mistakes and focus on people. On this basis, doing business becomes an exciting journey that offers daily stimuli and new challenges. There are undoubtedly many ways to define entrepreneurship in a theoretical way. It means starting from scratch and building a long-term vision for yourself and others, gradually acquiring credibility, trust, knowledge and stability. Entrepreneurship is a meeting point between individual and collective dimensions. We believe that the most important investment is in human capital: connecting people's skills and abilities is the best way - I would even say the most effective way- to generate value and cope with the rapidly changing technological environment that surrounds us.

2.What is the biggest experience or lesson gained on your growth journey so far?
Precise data analysis, process governance and accurate financial management can offer a competitive advantage. I founded We Can Consulting in 2011: we started as a small team of commercial agents and immediately sought to exploit the potential of the digital world. Today I manage a group that operates in multiple markets, from energy to insurance, including real estate. However, our core business remains related to data analysis in all its facets, aiming at the scalability of business projects. While these are the main technical aspects that have played a key role in our history, the most crucial lesson, after more than ten years, concerns the awareness that the right people make the difference. At every level, results are achieved with our staff's contribution. The human factor is always decisive, even in a tech company: motivation, transparency, dialogue, and professionalism are essential.
3.How is your company acting as a game changer in the landscape?
We support companies in the digital transformation process, acting as "entrepreneurs" and not as consultants. We speak the same language: synthesis, objectives, and strategy. Our consultancy has a single purpose: to achieve the goal shared with the client. In addition, over time, we have elaborated a proper development and acceleration model that applies both to our clients and to us internally. Thus, in recent years we have chosen to evolve from a consultancy and services company to a business incubator. We offer financial, managerial and IT support. The aim is to validate business projects in the digital field. There are already some spin-offs that witness this work. We have created two companies in the last three years: B23 Broker and Agente Più. The former operates in the insurance field and offers an integrated contract management solution for multi-firm commercial agents. With Qv -another group's subsidiary operating in the real estate market - we aim to bring supply and demand together using innovative methods. Soon, we will launch a further project- which is currently in the incubation phase- concerning energy saving. Therefore, what differentiates us at this stage is our ability to operate in multiple markets, which are ready to make significant leaps thanks to information technology and sharing economy.
4.What Should Your Life Motto Be?
“People are my priority, and results are only a consequence”. This is the concept that best represents our business reality and is also a principle that finds concrete application in our investment in the human resources sector. Our HR team is engaged to find and enhance new skills and to offer our staff innovative solutions, especially in corporate welfare. This is the only way we can constantly aspire to achieve new goals and improve daily.
5.ELITE the European network of private SMEs which accelerates the process to access private and public capital markets. Why it can be the game changing opportunity companies should consider?
Doing business also means building strong relationships. In this sense, the ELITE ecosystem offers excellent networking opportunities: it has taken us through a decisive phase of organisational development. It has enabled our company to connect with other companies and entrepreneurs driven by a common desire to support effective and sustainable growth in our country. Being part of the ELITE ecosystem is both an achievement and an engine for further changes. In our industry, it is crucial to seize business opportunities with the right timing. With its global support in terms of relationships and multiple funding solutions, ELITE is a great way to achieve new goals.

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