20 Mar 23
1.What does "entrepreneurship" mean to you?
An entrepreneur is a visionary, a craftsman, and a manager. This perception is undoubtedly influenced by the fact that I have been involved in different start-ups from the beginning of my career. I have met several entrepreneurs who have created their own companies from scratch, as I have done. Entrepreneurs must have a vision, a project they believe deeply in and intend to carry out with determination. Entrepreneurs are also creative persons because they build what was not there before. At the same time, they are craftsmen: their approach, at least initially, must be multidisciplinary and involve several different activities, including the most operational ones. Finally, they must learn to be a manager and a motivator.

2.What has been the most significant experience or lesson you have learned during your journey?
Thanks to the adventure of Tiscali and then as an entrepreneur with Energit, I have learned that nothing is beyond us. If we start with a project, our work and skills, we will undoubtedly reach the goal, often further than we imagined. I have learned that skills and abilities exist in places with fewer opportunities, such as Sardinia, and are more than just the prerogative of the North of Italy. Overall I have understood that "small" is beautiful, at least in the beginning and in specific historical and market contexts, because it allows being more receptive, often more attentive, and much faster in responding to more prominent competitors.
3.How does White Energy Group stand out in the competitive landscape?
From the beginning, at Whitenergy, we have provided our customer's energy efficiency solutions, which nowadays also involve renewable energy. In our DNA, we can transfer the solutions identified in one industrial sector and propose them enriched in other contexts. In this historical moment, the efficiency and renewable energy market is continuously transforming. Americans call this a "white paper," a blank sheet to be written on, an opportunity if you have the skills and speed to incorporate newness into your model. We have found that Whitenergy's solutions for our customers generate more interest than those proposed by much larger competitors. For a year, we have also supported our customers on their journey towards sustainability.
4.What is your personal and professional motto?
My reference point is turtles. I bought three tiny stone turtles when we founded Energit SpA in August 2000. I placed them on one side of my desk, and since then, when I look at them, I remember that sometimes it is necessary to slow down, raise my head, and think. In this way, I gather ideas, look back, and think about the journey and where I want to go. Slowness is somehow underestimated; we all tend to go at 100 miles per hour, and in this way, we risk losing clarity and, with it, the goals we have set for ourselves.
5.ELITE: the ecosystem that helps small and medium-sized enterprises grow and access private and public capital markets. Why is it an opportunity that other companies should consider?
We have just joined the network, but it is already clear that ELITE has changed our mindset. Going back to school and studying again, it is necessary to question oneself. We became more aware of our skills and shortcomings. ELITE is a powerful programme to promote changes in our organisation. And it is a widespread change because it is a path that involves all company employees, which is another important opportunity that comes with being part of the ELITE ecosystem.

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