07 Mar 22

On Tuesday, March 10th, Legor Group, international company specialized in precious metals science for the jewelry and fashion accessories sectors, will present to the main players of the fashion & luxury fields its responsible proposal: to ensure the responsible sourcing of precious metals from 100% recycled sources.

This is a further step for Legor along a process that began twenty years ago, oriented to the responsibility for the people and the planet. A milestone that has involved a certifying entity and a constant dialogue with customers and stakeholders, that now makes the multinational based in Vicenza the first, and to date, the only company operating in chemistry and metallurgy serving the jewellery, fashion and accessory sectors able to certify, through the Provenance Claim and the Chain of-Custody of the Responsible Jewellery Council, that its alloys, powders and plating solutions are madeexclusively with precious metals (Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium) coming from 100% recycled sources and within the Chain of Custody. These are the “magic 5”, the five metals symbols of the ethical choice rooted in Legor DNA, following economic and financial needs and the more and more relevant requests of future consumers. 

The launch event is organized on a digital platform and will involve Claudia Strasserra, Chief Reputation Officer and Sustainability Manager of BUREAU VERITAS, Daniel Kaelin, Head of Sustainability Operations of SWAROVSKI, Michele Agazzi, Senior Associate and Corporate Sales & RM Italy of ELITE EURONEXT GROUP and Massimo Poliero, CEO of LEGOR GROUP. The aim is to offer clients and partners an overall overview of this topic from four different points of view: the certifying body, the brand, the financial world and the producer.

The digital event will take place on Thursday March 10th in two time slots 11.30-12.30 am and 4.30-5.30 pm. The participation to the webinar, which will be hold in English, is free upon previous registration at this link