20 May 21

Planetel was founded in 2001 with the goal of offering fixed network telephone services and internet connections.

Over the years, the company has provided an offering strongly characterised by the principles of quality and technological innovation with a strong focus on the market of small and medium-sized enterprises, further diversifying the business by extending it to the wholesale, enterprise and residential markets. Today it is one of the main national operators with a complete and highly professional range of services. The acquisitions of some companies active in the ultra-broadband connectivity and web services market completed the offering portfolio and strengthened their role as a territorial leader.


Raised € 7.5 million for the IPO.

 Planetel were admitted to ELITE in April 2019 with the aim of exploring alternative finance opportunities for their growth projects, and it has been supported by the ELITE private market in its approach to the capital market considering the planned expansion strategies. The track record of ELITE and its partners helped the company understand the essential steps and more technical phases of the process to be faced in context of listing on the AIM Italia market. Despite the challenging and atypical nature of the pandemic, ELITE was able to involve its global network of institutional investors, confirming their interest in investing in solid and ambitious companies. 

The listing of Planetel was the first managed through the ELITE private market, involving Alantra as a broker who were able to assist the company in the listing process with the role of Nominated Advisor and Global Coordinator.